Bescom Assistant Engineer trapped,caught taking Rs.1.3 lakhs bribe

Pramesh S Jain

Officials of Anti Corruption Bureau on Sunday trapped Assistant Engineer of BESCOM, Operation and Maintenance,Benson town office,

The accused officer has been identified as, Hanumanthappa working as AE, Operation and maintenance.

Senior officer told reporters,we trapped and caught the official red handed while accepting bribe from an electrical contractor for an official favour.

During investigation it was found he had demanded Rs.3 lakh to sanction power connection to a upcoming residential apartment in Marappa garden.

After negotiation the amount was brought down to Rs.1.6 lakh .

He was trapped red handed at his office while accepting Rs.1.3 lakh.

Hanumanthappa has been booked under Prevention of Corruption act and seized the money for further investigations he said.