Hoysala Patrolling vehicle set on fire in city market youth arrested

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

T he city market police arrested a 19-year-old youth for allegedly setting fire to a Hoysala patrolling vehicle in the busy KR Market circle on Monday afternoon.

The accused has been identified as Dheeraj Kumar.

Senior officer told, the Hoysala patrolling vehicle No. 79 was partially gutted in the incident.Two policemen from City Market police station were deployed for Hoysala patrolling duty.

The police had parked the vehicle near K.R. Market circle and were busy controlling the crowd at the junction.

They found the patrolling vehicle set on fire around 12.05 p.m. Passers by rushed to the vehicle and doused the fire by pouring water from buckets and water cans.

A few people informed the police that they noticed Dheeraj pouring petrol on the patrolling vehicle and setting it on fire.

The police managed to detain him and During investigation it was found that Dheeraj was acting abnormally and suspect intoxication.

He works as a labourer in the market area and slept on the footpath during night.

He has confessed that he set fire to the vehicle as he doesn’t like government vehicles.Dheeraj bought petrol from a fuel station in a bottle and poured it on the patrolling vehicle.

He set it on fire using a lighter.A case has been registered against him by City Market police.He has been arrested and further investigation is on,” a senior officer said.

No injures were reported in the incident and the fire was doused by passersby to prevent further damage said a senior officer.