Congress has no moral right to demand Home Minister’s resignation: CM Bommai

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

We conducted a preliminary investigation into the PSI recruitment case immediately on coming to know about the irregularities and handed it over to the CID.

The Home Minister has discharged his duty honestly and efficiently.It is only because of his honesty and efficiency that the irregularities have been exposed.

Congress has no moral right to demand Home Minister’s resignation,Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons the Chief Minister said,the PSI test question paper had leaked during the Congress regime.

The case was registered and a senior police officer was found to be the accused.What happened later? Forget about arresting him,they did not bother even to question him.

We have given a free hand to the officers to conduct a thorough investigation.We have zero tolerance for such irregularities.

We are working with an objective to cleanse the system whether it is the top officers or lower rung personnel,we will get to the bottom of the case.

If Congress were in power,they would have buried the case.They have done it in the past.They have no moral right to demand the resignation of anyone,Bommai said.

So far about 50 persons have been arrested in connection with the case.Of this about 20 are police officers.

We have not tried to cover up anything or protect any one.There is no question of anyone quitting. The investigation has gone so deep only because of the honesty of the Home Minister,Bommai said.

Reacting to KPCC president DK Shivakumar’s statement that the Home Minister had misled the legislature and hence he should resign,Bommai said,not much of information was available on the case at that point of time.

What he did after getting the information,how efficient he was in exposing the irregularities is what matters.

The case would not have come out if the government was not keen to investigate it.The CID and ACB have done a good job.