Hotel employee a pervert arrested on the charge of molesting nursing student in Bengaluru

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Viveknagar police on Sunday arrested a 22-year-old hotel employee for molesting a nursing student from Northeast after barging into her house in the wee hours.

The accused Mashrul Sheikh,from West Bengal and working as staff at a hotel has been arrested and remanded to judicial custody .

Senior officer as,DCP,Central division immediately rushed to the spot and after inspecting the spot and collecting information from the vicitm he said the accused barged into the house of the victim at around 3 am grabbed the victim and tried to molest her.

The victim who woke up in the middle of the night and responded to the repeated knock of the door,was shocked when the accused grabbed her and tried to drag her into the room.

The victim realizing that she is under attack offered the accused money,but the accused refused and demanded sexual favor.

sensing trouble,the victim raised alarm prompting the neighbors to rush to her help and thrashed the accused before handing him over to the police.

The police found that the accused was drunk and was stalking the victim for few days,we have taken up a case and arrested the accused and further investigation is on.