CM Bommai suggests Axis Bank to join hands with Govt to upgrade educational institutions

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai today suggested Axis Bank to take up upgradation of some of the engineering colleges and universities in the state under its Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programmes.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai met Managing Director and CEO of Axis Bank Amitabh Chaudhry at the World Economic Forum Meet being held in Davos and held talks on investment opportunities in Karnataka.

There are ample opportunities for Axis Bank to take up various projects in association with the Karnataka government,Bommai said and suggested the Axis Bank chief to take up upgradation of some engineering colleges and universities in the state under the Bank’s CSR programmes.

Axis Bank is India’s third largest bank in the private sector.The bank is providing financial services for small,medium and large businesses, farmers and small businessmen.

It has over 4000 branches in India. It has its branches in Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai and many other countries too.


Bommai, who met the head of Nokia, suggested making good use of the opportunities in the state for the manufacture of telecommunication products.

Nokia has its biggest Research Centre in Bengaluru with over 7000 technocrats engaged in research related to 5G, advanced 5G and 6G technologies.


The Chief Minister held talks with top honchos of PayPay too.The company is a big name in online payment services with a huge presence in Bengaluru.