Self claimed social activist,Power Broker, Ashok Kumar Adiga who abused CCB Chief,Raman Gupta arrested for extorting money from recreation club owners

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Magadi road police on Monday arrested a self claimed social activist for threatening and extorting money from the owners of the recreational clubs claiming affiliation with the city police commissioner and senior officials of the CCB .

Senior officer told reporters a audio went viral in which he claimed that he is affiliated with the city police commissioner and senior officials and extorted money by the owner of the club to run gambling and make agreement in his name.

In his complaint,Ramesh said that the accused had claiming his affiliations with the senior police officials held meeting of owners of the recreational club owners last month,and threatening them to make him the owner of the clubs through an agreement if they want to run gambling.

Adiga claimed that neither the CCB nor the jurisdictional police dare to raid the clubs and demanded Rs.50,000 towards protection money for every month.

When few club owners including Ramesh walked out of the meeting,the accused threatened them with gun and snatched Rs.50,000 from them, threatened to enter an agreement with him.

He also threaten that he would order the police to raid if they did not pay him.

Unable to bear the harassment,one of the club owners recorded the phone conversation between him and Adiga and put it on Social media which went viral .

In the recorded conversation,Adiga stated that he would remove the pants of the senior officials of the CCB if they carry out raids on the clubs owned by him through agreement.

Based on a complaint filed by Ramesh Hanumanthappa,owner of a recreational club in Audugodi,the Magadi Road police arrested Ashok Kumar Adiga,charging him under Arms Act,extortion,cheating and criminal intimidation.The accused Adiga is now arrested and taken into 10 days police custody for further investigations.