Inter-state infant sale racket busted,Advocate arrested

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

Continuing investigations into child sale racket case,the south division police on Saturday arrested a 41-year-old woman advocate who was co-ordinating paper works in the racket .

The accused has been identified as, Bhanumathi KP,a lawyer by profession.

Senior officer told reporters,the accused Bhanumathi KP,was coordinating between hospital,childless couple and sarogate mothers taking care of the agreement and the other jobs on behalf of the hospital .

The accused who was working on divorce cases and legal issues for the last 11 years started working for the hospital as the legal consultant for the racket,a police officer said.

The job assigned to the accused is to prepare a document containing details on sarrogacy as per ICMR guidelines and counsel the childless couple and prepare a documents to get consent for the childless couple,to make it look like entire process is legal .

The accuse would then rope in poor women from other parts of the country luring them with money to be sarrogate mothers and get their consent on video recording as well as in writing along with the signature and monitor the mother at every stage and ensure the process is completed without any hassel .

The accused getting heavy fee for the job from various private hospitals and was on the run since the racket was busted in October last year.

However the police who have booked few hospitals in the case stumbled upon the role of Bhanumathi and tracked her down and arrested her .

There are more people suspected to be involved in the racket and efforts are on to track them down,said a senior officer.