Couple posing as loco pilot and SWR helper lured bus conductor promising to get job for her son made away with gold ornaments & Rs.60,000 cash

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Posing as loco pilot and a helper at southern railway, a couple lured a bus conductor with a story to cheat her and made away with her cash and gold worth Rs 3.12 lakh on the pretext of getting job to her son at Yeshwanthpura railway station on Friday.

Senior officer said,a victim registered a complaint in Yeshwanthpur Railway police station,she stated in her complaint that she went to Yeshwanthpura railway staion to board a train to her native,Hassan,where she met the couple.

The accused couple identified themselves as Hanumantha,a loco pilot and his wife sunandamma, helper working in the station.

After a formal chit-chat Sunandamma said that she is suffering from cardiac problem and due to her health issue going to resign.

After inquiring about Shashikala’s family, Sunandamma said that she could help Shashikala son who completed II PU to get her job using her contact.

Sunandamma further said that the job requires some money to pay for the officials,for which Shashikala withdrew Rs 60,000 from her account and paid.

The couple asked her to take her to the senior officer and advised her to remove the gold she was wearing.

Shashikala removed the gold worth around Rs 3.5 lakh and kept it in her bag.

Few minutes later the couple asked her to get a pair of uniform from a shop outside the railway station.

Following their advise,she left the bag with them and rushed out to buy the railway uniform for her son,but quickly returned since she could not find uniform in any of the shop.

Upon returning she find the couple along with her bag ans cash was missing.

She searched the entire railway station and inquired with the railway staff about the local pilot Hanumanthu and helper Sunandamma and realized that she has been cheated.

Based on the complaint by Shashikala D,45,the Railway police have registered a case of cheating and verifying CCTV footage to track down the accused and further investigation is on.