Executive of Amazon company stabbing case four arrested by Bagaluru police

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Bagaluru police on Saturday arrested four private firm employees who stabbed a 23-year-old telecaller executive of Amazon company outside his office over a trivial row on January 31.

The accused Mohan,21,Rakesh,20,Varun Kumar 21 and Suraj,20 working in private company has been arrested.

A complaint was registered in Bagaluru police station in which complainant stated that they were waiting for the victim,Surendra P to come out,as he came out and stabbed him and escaped in a bike.

The Security guard noticed Surendra was lying in pool of blood and alerted others before shifting him to private hospital where he was being treated .

Based on the complaint the police track down the accused and arrested them.

Investigations revealed that victim Surendra was suspended from the job for messaging a girl working in another company.

The accused working with the girl in the company and she had shared her problem that Surendra is harassing her .

Enraged by this,the four decided to teach him a lesson and filed a formal complaint with the team leader of Surendra.

After Surendra was suspended from the job, while he was coming out of the office,the accused waited for him outside stabbed him and escaped .

The police have recovered the bike and a knife used by the accused and efforts are onto track down two others,who allegedly helped the accused to execute the attack .