Distribution of BPL and APL cards through ‘Grama One’ centres: CM Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

The State government has approved about 4 lakh BPL and APL ration cards and they would be issued through ‘Grama One’ centres, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Addressing the Deputy Commissioners and ‘Grama One’ Operators through a Video Conference to review the progress of the ‘Grama One’ project, he instructed the Operators to behave courteously with the people, give a patient hearing to people’s woes and resolve their grievances as the government has vested its responsibilities and power on them.

Avoid people from going around the offices

It is not necessary to obtain all the information about people in paper form. The data is available through ‘Kutumba Janasevaka’ software too.

Avoid making people to go around the offices and provide speedy government services to them. If the service cannot be provided due to legal issues, they should mention the reason for rejecting the petition or application, Bommai said.

Lesser number of petition is a reflection of lack of publicity and response in the concerned place. Priority should be given to serve the poor, the aged and the physically challenged, Bommai instructed.

Performance based reward

A reward scheme too has been introduced to encourage and enhance the functional capacity and efficiency of the ‘Grama One’ operators.

Every week 3 Best Operators would be selected and rewarded with cash awards of Rs.10,000, Rs.7,000 and Rs.5,000 respectively through the e-Governance department.

The best performing district would get Rs.1 lakh as cash reward, Bommai said.

Representatives of the government

‘Grama One’ Operators are representatives of the government. The image of the government depends on their style of functioning. “I am confident of you in delivering the services to the people,” the Chief Minister said.

Bommai instructed the Deputy Commissioners to start the pending ‘Grama One’ Centres in their jurisdiction on priority basis and take up intense publicity about the services through ‘Grama One.’