Business growth for SHG entrepreneurs through Digital Marketing

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarth Sethia 

The Memorandum of Undestanding(MoU) between Amazon and Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Promotion Society(KSRLPS) would help in boosting the business growth of Self Help Group(SHG) entrepreneurs through Digital Marketing.

The MoU would bring online customers in a big way for the products of SHGs and women entrepreneurs.

The KSRLPS through the Sanjeevini programme would help the women entrepreneurs to exhibit and market their products through Digital Marketing system.

The collaboration with e-Commerce portals would make the products of Sanjeevini SHGs available for customers.

Women entrepreneurs would get market at national level for their products through this MoU.

The facility would help in providing training for women entrepreneurs and for their empowerment through the ‘Saheli’ programme.

It would take products like household articles, home decoration products, food items and value added products made by SHGs and women entrepreneurs to online market for customers all over the country.

To begin with 53 products are being marketed through Amazon. By the end of the current financial year it would be raised to 200 products. A warehouse(Saheli Centre) would be opened at the Sanjeevini KSRLPS Mysugar building.

Skills development training would be provided for women entrepreneurs who have collaboration with Amazon.

A capacity building programme is being organised for product listing, brand building, packaging, shipping, accounts processing and customer services.

The MoU is part of an ambitious programme to empower women economically by taking the products of the women SHGs to customers through the online mode.