Alert residents of Thigalarapalya nabbed a thief who gained entry into the house of five of family members committed suicide last year

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

An Alert residents of Thigalarapalya on Friday night caught a thief who gained entry into the house in Thigalarapalya where five of the family members including a nine months old child ended life due to family problems in September 17 last year.

The accused identified as Bharat Kumar ventured into the house armed with a pen torch into the house which was locked for the last four months .

The power was disconnected due to non payment of dues since the owner of the house , Shankar was arrested and remanded to judicial custody under the charges of abetment to suicide .

Senior officer told reporters,On Friday Bharath gained entry to steal in the house and searched the premises.

The Neighbours noticed light movement and initially thought it was a ghost.

However they mustered courage and gathered in front of the house and later caught Bharath when he came shouting ghost .

Angry neighbours thrashed Bharath Kumar and handed him over to Byadarahalli police.The police have taken him into custody for further investigations.A case has been registered in Bydarahalli police station and further investigation is on.