26 police officers across Karnataka promoted to IPS rank

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The 26 police senior police officers of the state who have joined the Karnataka Police Service have been promoted to the rank of IPS.

The state government has recommended 26 police officers name who have been assigned with various posts by the state police department based on their experience.

The Central Government on Friday has approved this and issued an official order confirming the service of 26 police officers of Karnataka Police Service based on service excellence.

The officers assigned with various posts are promoted to IPS rank are :

The Central Government has promoted,2016 batch,MV Chandrakanth,ML Madhura veena, 2017 batch,Channabasavanna Langoti, Jayaprakash,KP Anjali,M Narayana,M Muthuraj, Shekhar H Tekannanavar,Ravindra Kashinath Gadadhi,Anita Bhimappa Hadanavar, Sarah Fathima,Rashmi Paradi,MA Aiyappa and Shivakumar of the 2019 batch,Mallikarjuna Balladi,YY. Amarnath Reddy,Pawan Nijjur, B.L. Shrihari Babu,MS Geetha,Yashodha Vantagodi,M Rajeev,VJ Shobha Rani,Dr SK Soumyalatha, BT Kavita and Uma Prashant has been promoted as IPS officers.

Promoted officers perform duties in various parts of the state, including Bangalore’s internal security division, intelligence and special task force.

The aforesaid officers will remain on probation for one year as per rule of Indian Police Service (Probation) Rules, 1954 and the officers will
obtain induction training as per sub rule 5(4) of Indian Police Service.

(Probation) Rules, 1954 as amended dated 10.05.2011.

The appointment will take effect from the date of issue of this notification says the order.