CK Achakattu police busted crocodile hatchling selling racket arrested two smugglers

Pramesh S Jain 

The CK Achakattu police on Thursday cracked a racket and arrested two persons who were trying to sell a crocodile hatchling to their customer the police recovered a plastic can containing the crocodile hatchling as baby crocodile.

The accused has been identified as,Abdul Khalid,32,Jayanagar,and his associate Gangadhar BS,32 of Kanakapura.

Senior officer told reporters,our CK Achakattu police Inspector, received a tip off that two persons are trying to sell a baby crocodile in a plastic can near Ishwari Theatre.

Based on a tip off,a team led by Inspector,PR Janardhan,rushed to the spot near Ishwari theater and kept a close watch on the duo and surrounded the area and after getting confirmation the team zeroed in and caught Abdul Khalid, 32 from Jaya Nagar and his associate Gangadhar BS, 32,from Kanakapura.

After apprehending them the team took them to police station for further questioning and the team intercepted the plastic can which they were carrying containing the live hatchling.

During investigation the accused told the police that they had poached the reptile from the banks of river cauvery and brought it to the city after clinching a deal with the client who reportedly wanted to buy the reptile to keep it as a pet.

The duo have been booked under various sections of the wildlife act and efforts are on to track down the client and further investigation is on to ascertain their criminal background.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP West,Soumendhu Mukherjee,DCP South,Harish Pandey,ACP,BL Srinivasmurthy,PI,Janardhan PR,PSI,Manoj Kumar DS,Madhu K,and crime staff as,Puttaswamy, Virupaksha,Raju,Nagaraj Nayak,Harish,Siddappa Bangiyar,Harish,and Mallikarjunaiah,has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them in nabbing the duo smugglers and recovered baby crocodile and a suitable reward will be given to the team for their exemplary work he added.