Buddha,Basava,Mahaveer,Ambedkar are timeless, their ideals eternal: CM Bommai

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Buddha,Basava,Ambedkar and Mahaveer are timeless.Their philosophy and ideals are eternal, Chief Minister,Basavaraj Bommai said here on Thursday.

Speaking after inaugurating the “National Budha Dhamma Convention’ organised by Vishwa Budha Dhamma Sangha and Nagasena Budha Vihara as part of the Constitution Day celebration,Bommai said,Ideals and principles of Budha,Basava,Ambedkar,Mahaveer are relevant even today.They are timeless.

Lauding Ambedkar’s contribution for laying the strong democratic foundation of the country,he said,it is Ambedkar who has empowered us with the power to think independently,elect the government of our choice.

Live with dignity and equality.Bhagawan Budha is a great saint philosopher who relinquished his kingdom and dedicated his life for service and enlightenment of the society.”

Ambedkar incorporated the essence of Budha’s philosophy into the Constitution.He is in a way reincarnation of Budha in modern form.The country would have witnessed social upheaval if Ambedkar had not drafted the Constitution,” Bommai said.

The Chief Minister,drew the attention of the gathering to Prime Minister,Narendra Modi’s commitment for the Constitution and respect for Ambedkar.

Modi has stated that Constitution is his religion. It is Modi who started the Constitution Day celebration which shows his commitment for the Constitution.

The credit for developing memorials at Ambedkar’s birth place,workplace(Karma Bhoomi) and final resting place should go to Modi.

Modi government is also promoting these spots as an exclusive Ambedkar tourism circuit through a highway network connectivity,” he said.

Conveying his government’s commitment for the upliftment of SC/ST community, Bommai said, a programme has been drawn up under the Amrith Skill Development scheme for providing skills training for 75,000 SC/ST students to empower them to get employment in private sector.

Similarly an exclusive programme would soon be launched for economic empowerment of SC/ST women who are working as agriculture labour and domestic workers.