Youth taking selfie in moving train died body found in Srirangaptna river

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Ten days after 19-year-old Abhishek fell from the moving train while trying to take a selfie,the Upparpet police recovered his body from the banks of the river in Srirangaptna on Thursday.

The deceased Abhishek,native of KR Pete was working as a helper in a bar and restaurant in Gandhinagar .

Sanjeev Patil,DCP, west division,said that Abhishek along with his four friends boarded a train to Mandya on the night of November 8 from Majestic to attend a village religious program.

Abhishek called his mother from the station before boarding a train to inform her that he was coming home.

While the train reached Pandavapura,it was around 2 am and Abhishek was seen clicking selfies near the door while the train was moving.

Suddenly he lost balance and was seen by one of his friends handing to the grills of the door and vanished within seconds .

Scared by this his friends got down in Mandya and came back to search for him on the track before alerting his family members .

Based on the complaint filed by a family member of Abhishek,the Upparpet police inspector and his team made a serious manhunt for the missing person and even questioned his friends and later took the help of their mandya counterparts,Railways police and local fishermen to search for him.

After several days of effort,the upparpet police finally recover his body and a case of unnatural death has been registered in Srirangaptna rural police station.

Inquires revealed that Abhishek leaned out of the door to take a different selfie and failed to notice an iron bar of the bridge passing by and rammed into him .

He lost control and fell in the river and due to heavy rain the body was flown seven kil


ometers away from the spot of the incident .

DCP,Dr Sanjeev M Patil,appealed to the people to take all precautionary measures while travelling in train and avoid taking selfies near the doors of the moving train.A momentary lapse can be a great danger and cause irreparable damages,he said.