Government of India is committed to release funds for wage and material payments for proper implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (Mahatma Gandhi NREGA) provides the guarantee of at least 100 days of wage employment against the demand made by a household in a rural area. During the current financial year so far more than 222 crore person-days has been generated. A total of more than 6 crore households have got wage employment during the current financial year against their demand. Employment has been offered to 99.63% of the total demand of wage employment and against the offer of employment, a total of 87.35% of beneficiaries has turned up for work as per their will.

Fund release towards wage and material is a continuous process. There has been increasing of more than 18% of funds allocation for the current financial year in comparison to the previous financial year as a budget estimate. During the current FY, so far more than Rs.63,793 crore funds have been released for the implementation of the scheme in the States/UTs. Currently Rs.8921 crore funds are available which can meet the wage liability equal to this current availability.

Govt of India is committed to release funds for wage and material payments for proper implementation of the scheme, as per the provisions of the act and guidelines applicable for Central Government as well as State Governments. Whenever additional fund is required, the Ministry of Finance is requested to provide the funds. In the previous financial year, the Ministry of Finance allocated Rs.50,000 crore additional funds for the scheme over and above that of BE.

The provision for unemployment allowances is applicable for the beneficiary who has demanded work and could not be offered the work within 15 days from the date of demand for work. All other demands for work where the beneficiary has already completed 100 days in the current financial year or the beneficiary who has demanded the work but died before 15 days of the date of the demand of work shall not be eligible for unemployment allowances.

The category wise (SC, ST and Others) wage payment system, as made applicable from this current financial year, has been introduced to accurately reflect on the ground flow of funds to various population groups. Its further streamlining is being undertaken.