BBMP chief Gaurav Gupta orders setting up of control rooms to deal with rain havoc

Thomas (Special correspondent)

After heavy rains lashed in Bengaluru in last two days,leaving one person dead, about 40 houses flooded, 25 trees uprooted, and 13 cars damaged, BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta instructs the civic officials to take precautionary measures during the rainy season.All zonal commissioners, zonal joint commissioners and other officials were present.

Speaking to officials,On the damages that occurred due to heavy downpour on Sunday in Bengaluru,Gaurav Gupta called for swift action from officials in the event of rain forecast and prevent loss of life and property.

The rainfall on Sunday night has caused havoc in several areas. In this regard, BBMP Chief Commissioner Shri Gaurav Gupta has instructed the officials to take precautionary measures and act swiftly in the event of a rain forecast and prevent problems.

He was speaking at a virtual review meeting held on 4 October 2021,Monday,regarding rainfall on Sunday.

He said rain on Sunday night has caused several problems in the city. In the south zone, a person lost their life due to tree fall, cattle have drowned in a storm water drain in Rajarajeshwari Nagar and waterlogging has occurred in low-lying areas in some wards.

In this regard, he instructed the revenue officials to conduct a survey immediately on problems that occurred and waterlogging in households and take necessary measures to remedy the loss due to rainfall under disaster management.

He said that all control rooms must work actively during the rainy season.The complaints from the citizens must be resolved immediately.

Additional teams must be deployed to clear the trees fallen due to rains during the night. The tree clearing teams must immediately visit the site as soon as the trees are fallen and clear the tree/twigs.

The outskirts areas where barriers have not been constructed at the SWDs and due to which households were waterlogged due to torrential rains, the barrier must be built on priority and thereby a permanent solution must be provided, he said.

Areas, where water logging takes place during the monsoon,must be identified and measures must be taken to prevent the same.

With an increase in water level at SWDs, the water in the low lying areas enters the houses. The low lying areas should be identified where water logging takes place and action should be taken to prevent it.

Preventive measures should be taken to avoid further issues, he said.