Alert villagers caught 15 vehicles for dumping debris into quarry pits

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

Alert villagers of Mylasandra in electronic city on Thursday caught a total of 15 vehicles which were dumping debris into the quarry pits situated in the government land,which is causing pollution in and around the village.

The villagers later alerted Raju H,Revenue Inspector of the area who handed over the vehicles to Electronic city police and filed a complaint.

Based on the complaint the police have registered a case against Unknown persons charging them under section 278 (Making atmosphere noxious to health) and section 447 (criminal trespass) for further investigations.

Mr. Raju in his complaint said that the drivers of the trucks and tractors who abandoned the vehicles and escaped soon after villagers gathered at the spot and protested.

The vehicles suspected to be belonging to real estate companies.The dump debris in the government land, quarries and lakes situated in the outskirt of the city polluting the environment .
The police have summoned the owners of the 10 tractors,two tipper lorries and two goods vehicle to ascertain who is responsible for dumping debris at the quarry pits situated in government land,survey no. 27 .