Erdoğanism, Modern Synonym for Authoritarian Leadership 

Thomas (Special correspondent)

When Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,Turkey’s highest leader,rose to power,many hoped for a democratic secular country. His views were perceived to be modern and liberal, but he had a different plan.

Erdoğan’s ideologies resonate with the radical Islamic agenda,aligned to those imposing Islamic law worldwide.

A day ago,the president of Turkey criticized India at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on the Kashmir issue.

This isn’t the first time.Erdoğan lit the Kashmir fire during his visit to Pakistan last year. The irony is that a country that expressed that it would accept if the Taliban were ’empathetic is pushing India for suspending Article 317 of the Indian constitution – a policy decision implemented by the largest democracy in the world.

A leader who empathized with minorities has pacified with the Taliban – a terror group massacring innocent lives. That defines Erdoğan’s agenda in instigating hatred and imposing religious fundamentalism or Sunni Islamic agenda in people’s minds.

Interestingly, Erdoğan’s portrayal of liberalism contrasts with what’s happening in Turkey from the political front.

Ali Erba,the directorate of religious affairs and a top imam, is now a notable member of major bureaucratic meetings.

His presence at the opening ceremony of Turkish House had irked the secularists in the government. Erdoğan opposed the pro-liberal views and went ahead with a religious prayer for the government ceremony.

Reuters captured their emotions as they said, Ali Erba’s presence and the president’s actions contravened the secular constitution.

This change was anticipated by the global community when Erdoğan took over Hagia Sophia and changed it into a mosque. The church of holy wisdom, Hagia Sophia, was the symbol of Christian faith in the ancient land.

When former president,Mustafa Kemal Ataturk transformed the church into a museum, he preserved the art and history, still hoping for a secular and progressive country.

Turkey’s current state of affairs is indicative of a counteract against the secular perceptions within the country. While that’s an inside matter, the series of events and statements will impact the formal relationship with both countries.

When Erdoğan speaks for Kashmir Muslims and Rohingya’s, one cannot miss noticing a leader masquaradeing as a supremacist or authoritarian.

His acts so far have not favored his people or forging relationships with countries like India. Instead, religious hatred is being fuelled across the world.In such a state,even the economic or diplomatic relationships might not prosper as nations intended to be.

Economic woes,the crisis imposed by the pandemic and peace are forgotten as religion takes center stage.

For Turkey’s supreme leaders,Pakistan and Kashmir are mere weapons against India. And Islam, a key to grab power.