Nodal officers told to work with local communities instructs Nodal officers of 198 wards to resolve issues at the earliest – BBMP Chief Commissioner

Yogesh K Porwar.Avanth Kumar Kankaria

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike,Chief Commissioner,Gaurav Gupta along with All special commissioners,Zonal joint commissioners,nodal officers of all 198 wards, residents’welfare association,Janagraha team and other officials attended the virtual meeting.

He said that a senior official has been appointed for every ward as a nodal officer,after the expiration of the term of office of elected representatives in 198 wards,to provide infrastructure-related facilities.

Through ward committee,the grievances and needs of the citizens must be addressed and resolved, he instructed the officials.

He was speaking at a virtual meeting regarding strengthening the ward committee with nodal officers.He said that ward committees have been set up to respond quickly to citizens in the city, and ward council meetings will be held on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

BBMP,Water Board,Bescom and Traffic Police Officers,Ward Committee Nodal Officers and members and local citizens must participate in this meeting,and appropriate action must be taken to resolve the complaints/issues discussed at the meeting, he said.

Gaurav Gupta noted that citizen participation is of utmost importance in order to resolve the issues in the city. In this regard,Citizen Partnership Programme has been launched to maintain cleanliness in the city and adequately manage the city’s solid waste disposal process.

Coordinators at the zonal,divisional,ward level and Shuchi Mithras at the block level and volunteers at lane level are being deployed.This would help to address the waste disposal system,he said.

In most parts of the city, sewage water is being released into stormwater drains (SWDs.)This will prove harmful to the environment.

Therefore,we must raise awareness among citizens not to let sewage into SWDs and ensure only rainwater flows.He added that areas, where the water logging takes place during the monsoon, must be identified and proper measures should be taken to prevent the same.

If citizens work in coordination with BBMP authorities,the problems will be resolved quickly. He said issues such as the repair of street lights and sidewalks,garbage,and block spots should be resolved and make sure that the city is kept clean.

Necessary steps should be taken to control the Covid19 virus in the city.The spread of the virus is under control in the city at present and it must be reduced further, he said.

Citizens’cooperation is essential to tackle the same, he said, adding that everyone must follow the Covid protocols to contain the virus in the city.

“Rs 60 lakh per ward “

Chief Commissioner said that BBMP and Janagraha had collected around 3,000 suggestions from the public for the 2021-22 budget.Grant amount has been set aside as per the demands/suggestions of the citizens.

Accordingly, Rs 60 lakh has been earmarked per ward out of which 20 lakh is for footpath repair, 20 lakh for pothole repair and 20 lakh for borewells.

He even instructed that this must be used adequately. Ward committee meetings in each ward must discuss issues for which grants have been set aside and take appropriate decisions and obtain approval to start the work in order to resolve the issues, he said.