Meritocratic competition in educational opportunities

In an ideal situation every child should be examined and evaluated to discover their capabilities and guided accordingly to choose an educational program that prepare them for their career path and there should be enough educational institutes so that everyone can choose any education they want, but the sad part is we don’t live in an ideal world thus there are not enough free or affordable educational institutes for the students thus meritocratic competition exist where the available seats are given to those who have scored the highest marks, having an eligibility criteria is understandable like some courses have the criteria that you need to score at least this much marks to apply it is fine because that educational program requires a certain understanding of some subject, setting up minimum criteria is ok because it is not a solution for lack of educational institutes it is just a requirement for that course

But what are the problems with meritocratic the one who scored the most should get admission right that’s fair isn’t it?

There can be a different point of view about this, society is a human made concept the purpose of this creation is to help humans live as a member of a community with love as it’s core principle, it’s only fair that you get more if you are more capable the concept “each according to his/her ability” is fair when it comes to the areas of jobs the area of wealth creation because you get the bigger fruits if you took care of the tree properly, but the thing is education is a right and here the concept “each according to his/her needs” should be followed because a person scored good marks they are provided with best possible education while the students who scored less need a better education to match with the students already scoring well

So does that mean we should create a system where scoring less marks get you a better opportunity because then people will intentionally score low marks.

Then what’s the solution!

The best solution is to build enough educational institutes that this problem is no more or have some seats reserved for the students who scored low marks, or we can set a rule that each educational institutes should have students of every category for eg if there are 100 seats available 50should be reserved for the top scorers 25 for low, 25 for average etc.etc.

But maybe meritocratic competition is the only practical option available

Whatever it is one thing is for sure we should definitely have s discourse about it.


Ayushi Gera