Amrullah Saleh declared himself the interim President of Afganistan after Ashraf Ghani fled away.


After Ashraf Ghani faced the Taliban’s attack on Kabul and fled, Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Salleh declared himself president. He claimed that the vice president is the “legal” interim president of the country. He said that he will communicate with all leaders to ensure their support and consensus. With the fall of Kabul, Afghan authorities including former President Hamid Karzai and Peace Council Chairman Abdullah Abdullah began negotiations with the Taliban. Saleh said that according to the Afghan constitution, the president is absent, fleeing, and dying. The first vice president became interim president. Amrullah Saleh did not accept the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. Last week, Saleh said at a security meeting led by Ghani that he is proud of the military and that the government will do everything possible to strengthen the Taliban’s resistance. However, unlike the months predicted by the US intelligence services, the country fell into the hands of the Taliban within a few days. Saleh claimed in a series of tweets on Tuesday that the dispute with US President Joe Biden, who chose to resign, was “useless”. He urged Afghans to show that Afghanistan “is not Vietnam” and that “the Taliban are not even close to the Viet Cong.” A video of a desperate Afghan trying to board an American military plane that is about to take off is similar to a photo taken when civilians tried to board a helicopter on the roof of Saigon during the evacuation from the Vietnam War in 1975.