Five Bawaria gang members nabbed by Vijayanagar police,Six snatching cases solved,Gold ornaments Worth Rs.13 Lakhs Recovered

Yogesh K Porwar.Avanth Kumar Kankaria

The West Division police of Vijayanagar police nabbed a gang of five members infamous Bawaria gang who are involved in a series of chain snatching cases in the city and recovered gold ornaments worth Rs.13 Lakhs from them.

The accused has been identified as Rahul,Nitin, Tulsi,Kamal and Riyaz Ahmed are from UP and Delhi.

Senior officer told media persons,as there were series of chain snatching reported in city special teams were formed by DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil,under the leadership of ACP,Vijayanagar sub-Division,Nanjundegowda,PIs,as,Sathish Kumar and GT Sreenivas and their team swung into action.

The team visited the offence spot where the bike borne miscreants strike chains from the victims the team collaborated CCTV footage from the crime scene.

After analysing the CCTV footage the team got identity of the miscreants after getting it large the team were on lookout for the gang and with the help of technical inputs the team tracked down the accused and secured two of them before fleeing from the city.

After arresting the accused the team grilled them and as on 18th August the team successfully nabbed three of his associates and recovered 260 grams of gold ornaments worth Rs.13 lakhs and a pulsar bike used in commiting offence.

A detailed investigation by the team it has revealed that the accused used to come to the city by flight and stay in a rented house for one or two months in the outskirts of the city.

The accused would then get the motorcycle into the city by train from their hometown,to commit chain snatching.

Explaining the modus Operandi,the police said that the accused would work in shifts to commit chain snatching .

While two of the accused would venture out on bike to look for senior citizens walking alone,the remaining two persons would take care of daily chores like cooking and cleaning.

When the first batch of the accused returns, those who stayed at home will go for the robbery the next day.

This way they would avoid undue attention and often change the registration number of the bike and even change the clothes they were wearing .

After commiting series of robberies every week the accused would return to their native by flight with the booty in a flight to dispose of.

After resting for a few days at their native places , the accused would then go to other metro cities to commit robberies,while another team from the same bawaria gang would come to the city.

With their arrest the police have solved as many as six chain snatching and a house break theft committed by the accused and recovered gold valuables worth Rs 13 lakh from them.The Vijayanagar police are now on the lookout for their leader who managed to escape to Delhi.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP West,Soumendhu Mukherjee,DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil,ACP, Nanjundegowda,PIs,as,R Sathish Kumar,GT Sreenivas,PSI,Manu and other crime staff who has successfully nabbed the notorious Bawaria gang members and solved six chain snatching cases and recovered stolen chains from them and for the good piece of investigation by the team a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.