C.M.Udasi was a model politician:Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

Udasi lost the chance to become CM: Bommai

C.M.Udasi was a model for always being active irrespective of the fact whether in power or not,and he lost the opportunity of becoming the chief minister, said former CM Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at the 88th birth anniversary of late Udasi organised by the CM Udasi Fans Club here on Friday,he said the then CM J.H.Patel wanted Davangere to become a district and at the same time Udasi took all of them to put pressure on the CM to announce Haveri as a new district.

The then CM caved into pressure and agreed to it.This was how Haveri became a district for which they must be indebted to Udasi.

The BJP leader said Udasi had been fighting since from the beginning due to which the lift Irrigation schemes such as Balambeedue, Hirekanshi became reality.

The late leader was in the forefront in creating a political life for him.Udasi entered politics from trading which didn’t have loan facility.

So he too not kept any dues in politics.Soon after hearing to the people’s problems,he would call the officers concerned on the spot and give instructions.

As PWD minister,he built a number of bridges, huge buildings and roads which would bring back his memories.

The era of development must return to the district.The leadership crisis in this taluk must end.Efforts would be made to nurture a political strength in the coming days.

Lost opportunity

Bommai said Udasi had the opportunity to become the CM when B.S.Yediyurappa resigned as the CM.The name of Udasi came up for discussion in the high command level and they were expecting announcement in this regard.

But it didn’t materialise. Since birth,Udasi ‘s name has been pre-fixed with CM and he would never became the former CM.

Must change his decision

Bommai said Haveri-Gadag MP Shivakumar Udasi has declared that he would remain out of politics.He has made a good name as MP.Aspirants have lined up for the ticket.The victory of Shivakumar was sure if he  changes his decision.

Former MLA,Shivaraj Sajjanar,BSAkkivalli,Sadashiv Mellalli,Siddalingappa Shankarikoppa,Chandranna Harijan,Sandeep Patil,Dr.Mahesh Nalwad,Dr.Shekhar Sajjan,Krishna Eligera,Santosh Tikoji and others were present.