Two Notorious Bike lifters arrested by Rajajinagar police Recovered 7 stolen bikes worth Rs.4.15 Lakhs

Pramesh S Jain 

The North Division police of Rajajinagar police have arrested two persons and recovered seven stolen bikes Worth Rs.4.15 lakhs from them.

The two accused has been identified as,Antony Dsilva,24, and Subramanya,21 .

Senior officer told media persons,The Rajajinagar police sub inspector,Pradeep Kumar and Crime staff were on patrolling on Sunday in the early morning near Prakashnagar 3rd main near Ayyappa temple and during patrolling the crime staff noticed two persons coming in a pulsar bike and found suspicious.

The crime team flagged the bike rider but the rider gave a slip and drove fast the crime team and sub inspector gave a chase and secured them.

The police team on suspicion frisked the duo to recover a dagger from them and when asked to produce the vehicle documents the duo dint had documents and said that they have stolen the bike and are roaming.

The duo was taken to the station for further questioning Inspector RP Ashok and crime staff swung into action and a detailed inquiry led them to confess to the crime.

Based on their confession the police recovered seven stolen bikes worth Rs 4.15 lakh from them.A detailed investigation has found that the duo were habitual offenders arrested in similar offences earlier this year.

The duo were released on bail and continued to steal bikes parked in front of the houses to lead a lavish life has landed in police net and are cooling their heels in jail.

Appreciate the efforts of the @rajajinagarps & @Jcnagarps teams in apprehending 4 persons involved in several cases of bike theft. 14 two-wheelers worth Rs.8.18 lakh have been seized and further investigation is underway Commissioner of police Kamal Pant tweeted.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP East,S Murugan, DCP North,Dharmendra Kumar Meena,ACP, Malleswaram sub-division, KS Venkatesh Naidu, PI,RP Ashok,and his team as,PSIs,as,Ms.Rohini Reddy,Raghavendra Upari,Pradeep Kumar C,and crime team as,Jagadish,Dayal Kumar, Krishnamurthy,Paramesh,Jayshankar,Siddaramappa,Sayilu,Shivaswamy,Veerabhadra,Umesh,and Srikanth Kuri has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them in nabbing the duo habitual offenders and recovering stolen bikes from them and a suitable reward will be given to the team for the exemplary work done by them he added.