Farmer gets stuck in pipeline in Karnataka’s Ramanagara, later rescued by Fire Fighters

Avanth Kumar Kankaria 

Fire and emergency service personnel rescued a farmer,who entered a pipeline to connect a water pipe to his land,was stuck inside the pipeline for over two hours at singribovidoddi village in Ramanagar on Sunday.

The farmer Govindaraju Rajanna owned a piece of land located on both sides of the bypass road constructed as part of the ongoing works of Expressway between Bengaluru and Mysuru.

Senior officials said,water linking pipelines were laid on Rajanna’s land.To get a water connection to his land from the pipeline,Rajanna had entered the pipeline at around 11 am and crawled about 200 feet.

As a heap of mud had blocked the pipeline, he tried to pass through it but got stuck inside.His son Venugopal,who was monitoring this from outside sensed danger,when there was no movement and called fire control room for help.

The rescue team with police officials rushed to the spot and managed to contact Rajanna to ascertain his exact location.

He was finding it difficult to breathe and the arrangement was made to supply oxygen into the pipeline.

It was not possible for our men to enter the pipeline to pull him out.It was decided to break open the pipeline.An earthmover vehicle was brought to the spot and it dug up the ground and broke the pipeline,enabling us to get close to Rajanna.

The officials removed the heap of mud and rescued Rajanna within one and a half hours of the operation.

The entire village camped at the spot to witness the rescue operations and cheered when Rajanna was pulled out.

Minutes after the rescue he told people that he had gone to install a water pipe through the pipeline to his land and got stuck in the mud inside.I shouted and able to tell my son what happened and that helped me to get rescued,he said.