Gymnasts train cops to get in shape

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar 

“C k achukattu police fitness and physical training by Gymnastics to boost staff”

Residents in and around CK Acchukattu police station notice the police staff gather outside the station every day not for the usual “roll call period but to perform a few sets of stretches, burpees and crunches as Fitness training by Gymnasts.

A half hour quick exercise under the supervision from a team of gymnasts from Sports Authority of India,aims to keep them fit and fine so that they can take on any eventuality without any excuses,PR,Janardhan,Inspector,CK Achukkattu told media persons.

When asked when this idea came in their mind,A senior officer said the idea kick-started during the lockdown period when the staff used to assemble at the station for the dinner meeting and to get next day assignments .

Mr.Janardhan,having a sports background, noticed that many of the staff looked exhausted and lacked motivation.

Considering that they needed some kind of renunciation and team building exercise,our inspector Janardhan started a quick half hour physical fitness regime and led the team to get them back in shape.

Initially the exercise regime was voluntary but soon all the staff,consisting of men and women joined to test their mettle and improve their performance on ground duty.

Soon a team of sports personalities volunteered to teach us and after one month of daily we started on June 9th training the physical appearance of many policemen changed.

Due to the popularity we have enhanced the routine from running by carrying policemen and how to tackle armed and unarmed opponents during arrest and self defence.

Policing requires physical endurance and lot of physical and mental energy.The policemen should be fit to run far distances,carrying people on carrying themselves while wearing armed vets.

While keeping them fit all the time it is also important to get trained on how to stay fit and alert at any eventuality without getting injured.

This kind of exercise we used to have at the police training college and after joining duty due to unscheduled work hours it’s not possible for such work outs.

However, with a quick training session at the station everyday with everyone we are  getting us back to shape and bonding better says staff at the Chennammanakere achukkattu police station and thanked the inspector for his need of the hour initiative to boost whole staff during the pandemic period said a senior officer.

Another Senior officer said by giving fitness and physical training to staff is need of the hour as everytime round the clock they will busy in performing duty they even work overtime more than 12 hours when they will be deployed on special duty.

Many times they go to catch criminals so it is very necessary to get in shape and trained to resist themselves from any untoward incident.

A initiative by the Inspector Janardhan PR of Chennammanakere achukkattu police all the staff are happy as they are getting motivated with physical training and fitness as such activities motivates the staff to maintain their shape to be alert at any eventually without getting injured he added.

Finally Director General and Inspector General of Police,Praveen Sood,Commissioner of police,Kamal Pant,Addl CP East,S Murugan, DCP, South,Harish Pandey has highly appreciated for the need of the hour initiative by Janardhan PR, inspector of Chennammanakere achukkattu police station,roping his friends as,Jayesh Jain and Chandrashekhar of Sports authority of India for training the cops to be in shape by International and national level Gymnasts and thanked the Bengaluru city south Gymnastic association for their support he added.