Bengaluru :Reporting within the ‘Golden Hour’ helped retired Army Veteran get 45 Lakh money back

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

An Army veteran who almost lost Rs.45 lakh of life savings to cyber fraudsters managed to get back within two hours within golden hour by quick thinking and action with the help of bank officials and the police.

Happy about the quick response to help,NK Manchanda,retired Major General wrote to the Director General of police,Praveen Sood,and Commissioner of police,Kamal Pant, appreciating the police for the quick response to save his hard earned savings.

NK Manchanda who was staying in Yelahanka after his retirement in 2004 having a savings bank account in SBI.

Mr.Manchanda received a call on his mobile  from a conman posing as executive of the bank asking him to update the KYC since its expiring on Tuesday.

Retired Army Veteran thought it is a call from bank so i followed their instructions and did as they said.

He even said that the conman also sent a link to update the details and as soon as,Mr.Manchanda provided the details,Rs.45 lakh was transferred.

Shocked by this Mr.Manchanda rushed to the nearest Hennur branch and complained to the manager about the incident.

The Manager immediately stopped the payment and asked him to file a complaint with the Cyber crime police immediately .

He later approached Northeast cyber crime police,where Assistant Sub Inspector,Ramesh Ram and PSI,Deepak VR,swung into action and spoke to the manager of Indiranagar SBI to complete the formality and revert the money back to the account.

With collective efforts within the golden hour (two hours of the incident) the money was reverted to Mr.Machanda’ account said Senior officer.

This is the second incident in the last one month where the cyber crime police managed to get back the fraudulent transaction amounts to the victim’s account.

DG-IGP,Praveen Sood,tweeted by appreciating the timely action by the Northeast CEN police personnel, The newly introduced concept of GOLDEN HOUR in cyber crime prevention through CIR system by @CPBlr is doing a great service to the citizens he tweeted.

A message of gratitude to the @BlrCityPolice from an Army Veteran & Major General NK Manchanda (Retd).Highly appreciate the timely & prompt response by SI Deepak and ASI Ramesh of Cybercrime @yelahankaps in preventing a fraudulent transfer from Mr. Manchanda’s bank account.👏👏, Commissioner of police Kamal Pant tweeted.

Finally, Director General and Inspector General of Police, Praveen Sood,has appreciated Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant,has appreciated,Northeast CEN police personnel as,PSI,VR Deepak and ASI,Ramesh Ram and bank officials for their timely action and helped the Army Veteran to get the money back in the Golden hour and a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.