Team NAI Serve Tea&Refreshments to cops on covid duty in Bengaluru

Many police personnel performing covid enforcement duty in West Division Welcome 23 year old Yogesh Jain and his friends. Avanth jain 23,Nikhil jain 23,Inder jain 28 who walled to them every evening and with tea pot and offer hot tea and snacks. They chat and try  to cheer the police personnel to bring smile on their face. This small gesture is attempt to appreciate the hard work and to convey express our gratitude, Yogesh said . Serving tea and snacks to Covid Warrior’s become norm for Yogesh and friends since day one of the lock down. While yogesh,a journalist with NAI realized that how difficult for the cops on ground zero performing duties and struggle to get refreshment during the lock down. He discussed this with his friend who readily agreed to do their bit and express support. We arranged tea and snacks and carry around in bikes and serve the police personnel on duty. This is the best work we think we are doing since lock down, the friends and we are happy to serve the frontline warriors who are deployed at checkposts and stations. This gesture is not time bound and we decide to continue this till we can. Many police officer appreciate the group stating that tea is the most needed refreshment they need after hard day work. We look forward to meet these young group who served us tea with smile on their face, a policeman said. A senior officer said,We thank NAI as Newspapers Association of India for their selfless service who has served tea and refreshments to our staff and I am grateful to NAI and their whole team for their selfless service all through this lockdown he said.