CSDR Foundation Celebrates Environment Day with “Plant A Tree, Save Yourself” Campaign       

Environment has taken a backseat in the current corona pandemic reality. On world environment day 2021, many organisations have tried to rekindle this fire of taking care of our reality. One such organisation is CSDR Foundation. CSDR Foundation organised tree plantation drive from home in many different states of India. In this campaign and plantation drive people from twelve states in India and three countries viz. South Korea, Malaysia and Dubai participated. For this year the campaign was titled as “Plant A Tree, Save Yourself”. The slogan was given by Vivek Sharma, the Director of the organisation. When asked about the origin of this slogan, Sharma said there is no issue if a person is unaware about ways and means to contribute for environment. They should have reason to work for it. People should be ‘selfish’ as protection of environment is actually self-protection. One of the ways is to Plant a Tree to Save ourself. This year due to Corona protocols in place, people planted small trees at their home some even in their balconies. These people pledged that when the corona wave will stop, they will transform the plants in open areas. Those living in low population density planted trees outside their houses, in open spaces. Centre for Social Development and Research Foundation (CSDR Foundation) appealed them to record their video during plantation with the slogan “Plant A Tree, Save Yourself” so as to motivate others. In this campaign and Plantation drive,Foundation engaged people from other countries also. It is important to mention the environment warriors. ChetnaFrom South Korea a student of Korean university, participated and planted a treethere.Gobinda from Malaysia showed his support to organisation’s Campaignthrough video message. Ashwani Dhandhafrom Dubai participated with her little daughter and sonthroughtree plantation. Hema, Himanshi Bhagat, Himansh Bhagat, Veddansh, Tejus, Sidhhi Gaur from Delhi, Rajeev Sharma, Keerti and Karnav from Ghaziabad, Amit Tiwari, Ankit Tiwari, Ajay Sharma, Sumit Tiwari, Atharv Tiwari, Brijesh Rao, KrishRao, Saroj Tiwari, Aparna Tiwari from Gorakhpur, Nawal Rudiyal, Jyoti Rawat, JinishaRudiyal and Mitakshara from Rajasthan Planted trees in their premises. Mayanka, Avika bhagat and Dheeraj Sharma participated from Bihar and Riyansh Kaushik from Palwal, Haryana planted trees and show his responsibility to save the environment. From North-East India DebjaniPatikar from Assam, Kalika, Jelito, Vilibo, Toli and Enoch Tsatho from Nagaland made beautiful posters on environment. They also planted trees and made creative videos to motivate people. Aratrika Bhadra from West Bangal, a Ph.D scholar of Jawaharlal Nehru University participated. She had been contributing in CSDR Foundation’s activities for many years. This year also she showed leadership for spreading the idea “Plant A Tree, Save Yourself”. An IT Professional Abhay Verma from Kerala, Shivanand, Preeti, Tanushree, Manjula and Pragati from Karnataka planted trees in an open areas. Pushkar Negi from Chamoli, Uttarakhand planted Mausami Fruit Plant.Anirudh Mudgil with team members Deepak,prasant, nitin, hritik and yaman planted many trees in Jatauli, Haryana.