Priest booked for violating Covid protocol in Vijayapura.

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

The Vijayapura police on Tuesday arrested a 41-year-old priest for performing pooja at the temple in Bestarapete in Vijayapura in the outskirts of the city during lockdown on Tuesday.

The police have arrested Ramakrishna,priest of Gangamma temple.

Senior officer told reporters,Nagesh,Head constable of Vijayapura station was on patrolling duty and noticed the priest had opened the temple for public and performed puja for the crowd of around 25 people.

The people were seen not wearing masks nor following social distancing norms.This is clear violations of the lockdown and the rules laid down by the government.

The police has video recorded the ritual before arresting Ramakrishnappa and others booked charging him under Karnataka Epidemic disease Act and they were later released on station bail he added