Pawan Chawla Founder P&M Movies joins the fight against the Corona

New Delhi, 5May 2021, While the battle against coronavirus is underway in full swing, hunger has come to haunt many due to the economic crisis that has followed. However, People are visiting various colonies and slums to serve the food for the needy.
In the midst of all these we saw renowned entrepreneur Pawan Chawla Founder P&M Movies who tied up with local organisations to donate ration and food to the needy which has also been declared as one of the hotspots in the country as the lockdown has affected jobs of thousands of labourers in the unorganised sector. Along with the same Pawan were also seen actively organising oxygen cylinders for the needy, despite entire of his family members recently affected by the deadly virus except him.
“Every day we serve freshly cooked meals for daily wage workers who are stuck at various construction sites or hospitals. The areas are identified well in advance and we keep on adding to it every passing day. It takes a couple of hours in the morning to plan and execute but the satisfaction is immense when we see these workers getting their meals.
Also we are distributing food and biscuits to the stray animals in my colony and have also requested my friends in the area to come forward and take these small initiatives” said Pawan Chawla.