Honey trap gang busted Duo from Rajasthan arrested:

Pramesh S Jain

The Whitefield division police of KR Puram police on Thursday arrested two persons from Rajasthan who created a fake FB account in the name of a girl and trapped a 26-year-old MBA graduate to record his private videos and blackmailed him.

The accused have been identified as Robin Bharath,22 and his associate Jaed Rahman,25 both residents of Rasulpura of Bharatpur in Rajasthan.

Senior officer told media persons,a IAS aspirant ended his life in his house.As he was Unable to fulfill their demands,the victim ended his life on March 23.

As soon as the incident was reported senior officer with others as dog squad with finger print experts rushed to the spot after inspecting the spot the DCP Whitefield D Devaraj who collected information from the sister of deceased that his brother was blackmailed by some Neha Sharma on the Facebook and lured him as he was unable to fulfill their demands he ended his life.

Based on the complaint,special team were formed and pressed into action to track down the accused the team with the help of cyber experts and with the help of local police the team tracked both the accused.

A special team headed by Ranjith PSI from KR Puram and 2 staff were sent to Rajasthan as with the technical inputs our team tracked them to Rajasthan with the help of additional force of 25 Police personnel as 4 PSIs with 22 staff of Bhartpur police station helped our team in tracking the duo in their home town.

In a joint operation the team visited the place where they were hiding a police team rounded up the area as precautionary measures.

The police team secured both of them from their house and after producing to local court on transit remand brought them to Bengaluru for further questioning.

During the course of investigation the accused confessed the crime and revealed that to make easy money the accused opened a fake Facebook account posing as Neha Sharma and sent a friend request to victim who accepted the request and befriended them.

After a couple of chats using the app which changes the voice,the accused lured him and showed a recorded private video forcing him to disrobe and engage in private conversations.

As soon as the victim complied the accused recorded the video and started blackmailing him.

Victim borrowed money from his friends to pay Rs 36,600 transfer to the accused account online in return for the video which they had and blackmailed .

However the accused refused to give and demanded more money and threatened to send the video to his family and friends,unable to pay victim ended his life at his house .

The KR Puram police have taken the accused into their custody to probe their criminal background.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP East,S Murugan DCP Whitefield,D Devaraj,ACP Manoj Kumar,PI, Ambrish M,PSI, Ranjith S,with crime staff as,Arif Pasha,Yaseen Karbudi,Nandish,Vinod,with all the additional force of Bharatpur police station of Rajasthan police with their tremendous efforts and meticulous investigation by the team the duo was arrested from their hometown to lead a lavish life they were indulged in this honey trapping business are now cooling their heels in jail and a suitable reward will be given to the team for their excellent investigation he added.