Ramesh Jarkiholi sex scandal Case- Activist Dinesh Kallahalli withdraws complaint against BJP MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi caught in sex tape controversy:

Pramesh S Jain. Yogesh K Porwar

In sudden spin to the alleged sex scandal case involving Ramesh Jharkiholi which later led him to resign,social activist Dinesh Kallahalli who is complainant in the case filed a petition seeking withdrawal of the case citing allegations levelled against him.

A requestion was filed by advocate representing mr.Dinesh on Sunday Following which the cubbon park police have asked Dinesh Kallahalli to appear in person to substantiate his claim.

Dinesh Kallahalli told reporters,that he is withdrawing the complaint as he was pained by allegations of a Rs.5 crore deal,levelled by JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy.

However,Mr.Dinesh kallahalli hinted that he would challenge allegation levelled against him legally to come out clean.

He also said that being a social activist and as a responsible citizen he would persue the case legally to get justice for the woman who have been cheated and harassed.

Meanwhile sources says the cops who are probing the case had intensified the probe and after investigating in all angles with technical inputs and outputs the team tracked the women’s house in Bengaluru RT Nagar and even traced the women’s relatives in her native a special team visited them and it is alleged with their help the team got to know who is the women and team spoke to the women who is at undisclosed location and it is alleged that the women refused to give any statement says sources.

Meanwhile,The Probe into the sex scandal which led water resource minister Ramesh Jharkiholi to resign,will continue despite petition was filed by the complainant in the case seeking withdrawal.

A senior police officer who is part of the probe said that Dinesh Kallahalli,activist and complainant in the case will be asked to appear before the Investigating officer and record his statement to ascertain the reason behind his decision.

There could be many reasons including he has been pressurised or blackmailed by someone. There are also possibility that he was trying to misuse the police for his personal use.All this aspects will be ascertained before taking a decision,he said.

The case is still being treated as NCR and probe is on.Though it is the discretion of the IO, Investigation officer to decide on the fate of the case at the station level.

However the police decided to continue the probe to ascertain reason behind it and are trying to record the statement of women who has crucial role to play in the case.

Based on her statement,the future plan course of the case will be decided to take it to a logical end, a police officer,said.

Earlier Dinesh Kallahalli through his advocate, Kumar Patil, submitted petition to cubbon park police requesting to withdraw the case.

Dinesh in his five page petition said that he is pained by the accusation of former CM Kumaraswamy who alleged that it was a five crore deal.

I was being targetting unnecessarily for performing my duties.It is like shoot the message attitude taken by everyone.

This baseless allegations are not only casting aspersions on my image but also my relatives and friends to are doubting me.

I have done my job and filed complaint as responsible citizen.Now its up to the police to decide.

This does not mean that i have stepped back, i’ll challenge the allegation levelled against me legally and ensure that the victim will get justice, he said.

It is a conspiracy to tarnish family, BJP’ – Balachandra Jarkiholi:

Terming the CD that purportedly had intimate scenes of the former Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi as fake that was created to defame the family and finish off its political career, KMF chairman and his brother Balachandra Jarkiholi on Sunday sought a CBI inquiry into the CD episode since the contents were uploaded in Russia.

Mr.Balachandra Jarkiholi told presspersons that, several people and unknown hands were behind the creation of the CD,which he described as “fake”.

“We now have information that as many as 17 servers were booked in Russia to upload the video on YouTube,three hours prior to Dinesh Kallahalli approaching the police.

Between Rs.10 Crore and Rs.15 Crore has been spent to book the servers to bring disrepute to the family and the BJP,he added.

Further, he said,We also have come to know that the woman in the CD has been promised Rs.50 lakh and a job in Dubai.I also request you not to call her a victim because there is a conspiracy behind this.

While Mr.Balachandra was defending his brother, he also referred the whole event as being a honeytrap.

Asked how this could be a honeytrap when he is calling the CD fake,he maintained that he was referring to two to four teams that were also planning to honeytrap.There is a team working for honeytrap in the State.

“We will approach the Bengaluru Police Commissioner to send the CD to a lab to ascertain its genuineness.

We will also seek investigation by an agency that will help bring out truth,he told presspersons.

When asked why Mr.Ramesh Jarkiholi was not coming forward to complain to the police,Mr. Balachandra Jarkiholi said he was also appealing to his brother either to come forward to complain to the police or authorise someone to pursue the case.

Mr.Balachandra Jarkiholi said,Dinesh Kallahalli could have been misguided and he may not have received full information.He may have been used as well.We will consult an advocate to decide future course of action.

When asked if the Jarkiholis had turned soft towards Mr.Kallahalli or had met him before Sunday,Mr.Balachandra Jarkiholi said that no one met him nor they were going soft.When his views were sought on legal action against Mr.Kallahalli, he said they would take a decision after consulting lawyers.

If it is proved that Ramesh Jarkiholi is wrong I will advise him to apologise to the people and take political retirement. If he has not done anything wrong those behind it (CD and allegations) should be sent to jail.

Dinesh Kallahalli, a social activist on Tuesday lodged a police complaint against Mr Ramesh alleging sexual harassment to a ”job aspirant” and threatening her and family of dire consequences.