Two Notorious Burglars arrested by Pulakeshinagar Police,Stolen property Worth Rs.70 Lakhs Recovered.

Pramesh S Jain

The East Division police of Pulakeshinagar police have arrested two persons on charges of Burglary at their friends house and seized Stolen cash,Gold ornaments worth Rs.70 lakhs from their possession.

The accused has been identified as Nazim Sharif alias Shaheed (41),a resident of Lakkansandra, and Mohammed Shafiullah (42),a resident of New Gurappanpalya near Sudaguntendapalya.

It was a meticulous plan inspired by Drishyam movie,a realtor who incurred huge loss in the business decided to burgle the house of his friend,and engaged his associate to carry out a plan.

The accused planned and practiced the burglary for two months,and used a duplicate key to gain entry but damaged the door lock to make it look like forced entry and too hoodwink police they threw chilli powder inside the house.

DCP East,Dr SD Sharanappa,told media persons that in the month of January a burglary took place in Cooke town area of pulakeshinagar police station limits the complainant stated that when she went to hospital to see his brother who was not feeling well while she returned from hospital she found her door lock was damaged or opened as someone has gained forcebly entry and burgled the house.

Based on complaint,myself with other officers as,ACP Pulakeshinagar,Tabarak Fathima,PI,Pulakeshinagar,Edwin Pradeep and their crime staff rushed to spot and found that accused has committed offence in a very well prepared idea and using his criminal mind as after committing offence the accused has thrown chilli powder in every corners of house to hoodwink police and sniffer dog.

After visiting the crime scene a special team was led by ACP Pulakeshinagar,Tabarak Fathima,under the supervision of PI,Edwin Pradeep and his crime staff swung into action one team was busy in collecting evidence from the crime scene and other team was busy in analysing CCTV footages.

The special team during investigation with the help of technical inputs and after analysing more than 270 CCTV cameras footage and also used conventional policing of local intelligence since many of the CCTV images did not have clarity and identifying the Autorikshaw number plates were not possible.

But one CCTV footage gave a vital clue about the miscreants based on which the team collaborated the CCTV footage and zeroed in one of the accused from his house.

During investigation the accused confessed the crime and revealed about his associates and based on his statement the team nabbed his associates and seized gold,cash and Foreign currency worth Rs.70 Lakhs from their possession.

During the investigation it was found during committing the crime the accused used helmet,gloves to avoid being caught.

It was found the accused never used phones,they even threw chilli powder in the house to confuse the dog squad and even changed autorickshaws more than six times to carry the booty worth Rs. 70 lakh to reach home.

The accused revealed that they travel along a route of 18 kilometers in autorikshaw instead of the usual six kilometers to hoodwink the police he added.

Senior officer explained reporters,how they zeroed in the accused,Soon after the incident was reported a special team was formed led by ACP,Tabarak Fathima and inspector S,Edwin Pradeep,who analysed over 270 CCTV footages to track the accused with the shoes he was wearing as in multiple places the team found same shoes and with body language the team analysed CCTV footage till Lakksandra and used a local intelligence network to nab the accused.

Despite all this the police Inspector of Pulakeshinagar Edwin Pradeep and his team with painstaking investigations led them to zero in on the accused.

During investigation the accused have been identified as Nazeem Sharieff,41 from Lakkasandra a realtor and his associate Mohammed Shafiulla,42,of Sudduguntepalya who runs granite business incurred huge loss during the last one year.

The accused Nazeem revealed that,after much deliberation,he decided to burgle the house of his friend to become rich overnight.

He roped in his friend Shafiullah and explained the plan and promised to share the booty.

As per the plan Nazeem went to his friend Jyoti Jwala’s house in Pulakeshinagar on January 13 to accompany her to the hospital.Jyoti’s brother was hospitalized and she was taking care of him.

Meanwhile Shafiulla as per the plan gained entry into the house by using a duplicate key.The accused also damaged the door lock to make it look like it was forced entry.

Shafiulla ransacked the house and took away the valuables from the locker which included foreign currency,indian currency and gold jewels.

The accused even took victim’s two wheeler parked in the house,and carried the booty till Halasuru lake and dumped the bike before boarding an autorickshaw.

The accused then went to MG road from there he took another autorickshaw and reached to Hosur Road and from there again he changed another autorickshaw to reach Bannerghatta main road before reaching their destination in Lakkasandra .

The accused stopped the auto close to his house and walked a few yards later as per the precautions he said in his statement and said he was well prepared and knew how police investigation will take place as he was Inspired by Drushyam movie and done a meticulous plan to burgle the house and to not doubt on him the accused used to be with the victim as no one should doubt but the painstaking investigation by the DCP East,Dr SD Sharanappa,ACP,Tabarak Fathima team has successfully arrested the duo and recovered the stolen property.

The accused have been booked under burglary and taken into custody for further investigations on. And we will investigate further to ascertain why the victim had kept huge amount of money in the house and we will seek information about the money which belongs to her a detailed investigation will be done by the team.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant,has appreciated Addl CP East,S Murugan, DCP East,Dr SD Sharanappa,and his team as,ACP, Pulakeshinagar,Tabarak Fathima,PI,Edwin Pradeep,PSIs,as,Ruman Pasha,Anand Kukkanavar,and their crime staff as,Rajesab Mullanavar,Nagaiah Hiremath,Sunil VK,Sanaullah,Bheemraya Muchundi,UD Usthad and other crime staff has been appreciated for the commendable and exemplary work done by them in nabbing the duo.

He even said,the duo who thought they are more genius as if they thought they can hoodwink police but with the painstaking investigation done by the team two nab this notorious burglars has been highly appreciated and a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.