Security guard Murder case cracked,accused arrested :

Pramesh S Jain

The cubbon park police cracked the missing case of a 20 year old security guard from Assam and arrested the neighbour who killed the security guard and dumped the body in an unused sump over trivial row on December 31.

The deceased has been identified as,misba hussain Laskar from Assam had come to city in October to work as security guard at an apartment on vittal mallya road.

Misba was sharing rented house on Markam road cross in Ashoknagar.

According to the police,the accused Arifuddin Barabhuiya,22,also a security guard and from Hailakan district from Misba also belonged, they both were staying as the next door neighbour.

The duo used to have frequent fights over consumption of water from overhead tank,where the residents supposed to share.

Misba allegedly misbehaved and humiliated Arifuddin many times.Unable to bear this Arifuddin decided to kill him.

As per the plan he called Misba for talk on December 31 while he was at work.Arifuddin then took him to LIC employees quarters on residency road and strangled him to death.He later dumped the body in unused sump and returned to work.

Senior officer, told reporters,When misba did not return from work his room mate Ujjal Hussain made enquires at work place and found his phone was switched off.

He searched him the next day too before approaching the cubbon park police.As soon as the complaint was filed Arifuddin got scared and escaped.

The police who came to know about the missing of Arifuddin traced him with technical support near Devanahalli toll plaza and arrested him.

Based on his confession the police on Wednesday recovered the highly decomposed body of Misba on Wednesday and sent it for post mortem and further investigation is on he added