Kerala Catholic Church dejects cong. MLA’s demaing remarks on bishops and religious

Leading media personality Martin Menachery’s post against Ernakulam Thrikkakara MLA PT Thomas paved the way for controversy.PT Thomas MLA’s anti-Christian and hypocritical environmentalist post has come out against KPCC PT Thomas. The controversy was sparked by the insult to Christians, bishops and clergy during the elections in Idukki.

‘Aren’t you ashamed to ask for election votes in front of the church’?Martin Menachery is criticizing P T Thomas MLA in a post that starts with PT Thomas MLA insulted Christians and bishops including the Kerala Catholic Church.After the death of the first Bishop of Idukki Diocese, Mar Mathew Anikuzhikattil, PT Thomas’ followers desecrated his body.Congress leader PT Thomas and his followers, who celebrated the death of Bishop Mar Mathew Anikuzhikattil on a grand scale, are facing the Idukki panchayat election by devising new strategies.

Biju Mani, former president of Idukki Youth Congress and a favorite of PT Thomas, is contesting from Idukki District Panchayat Vagamon Division for Idukki District Panchayat.PT Thomas is directly at the helm of Bijo Mani’s election campaign. The Idukki District Congress-District leadership is angry that they have come here from Ernakulam without the permission of the Congress-leaders and are coordinating the campaign.PT Thomas is seeking votes for Bijo Mani in the name of the environmental issue in Idukki.Meanwhile, the anger of PT Thomas for not getting a seat in Idukki has been tied to the head of the Christian community and sharp criticism has been leveled against the church in many corner meetings.This created anxiety and division among the Congress leaders and activists.PT Thomas, a legislator from Thrikkakara, is facing a vigilance probe.Vigilance is also probing the Chilavannur backwater encroachment, money laundering and forgery of documents in the PRD.

Last month, an enforcement raid led to the seizure of Rs 80 lakh in a money laundering scam involving PT Thomas and CPI (M) leader Kuppy Ramakrishnan. PT Thomas saw the enforcement officers coming and ran away.This is an event that has created a great deal of controversy..