Clarification regarding bye-elections

This is with reference to letter No.99/bye-election/2020/EPS dated 22.7.2020 issued by Shri Sumit Mukherjee, Sr. Pr. Secretary in the Commission.

This is causing some confusion in some sections of media. It is hereby clarified that the aforesaid communication is only in respect of eight constituencies regarding which a reference to Ministry of Law & Justice was made vide letter No. 99/bye-election/2020/EPS dated 03.7.2020 due to some extraordinary circumstances peculiar to these constituencies. However, the total number of bye-elections dueis 56 Assembly Constituencies (including the eight referred to earlier) besides one Parliamentary Constituency. Out of these total number of 57 bye-elections, it is hereby clarified that the Commission has already taken a decision to hold all bye-election as per provisions of Section 151A of the R.P. Act, 1951.

In any case the deferring of aforementioned eight bye-elections is only up to 7th September, 2020. This matter of timing etc. of bye-elections is also slotted for discussion in the Election Commission Meeting to be held tomorrow, i.e., 24.7.2020.