Shree Caterers with Niyati Events get on road to help the hungry and thirsty in Mysuru.

Pramesh S Jain .

“A friend in need is Friend indeed” 


While most people are complaining of boredom and consuming internet band-width sending annoying forwards these four friends are setting a new standard in being productive during the Covid-19 crisis.

The four friends have teamed up to provide food packets,water bottles,medicine to the homeless and Senior citizens and poor people,since the lockdown was imposed.

To help the Karnataka Government during coronavirus lockdown,a number of NGOs,police officials and individuals have been doing their bit to help marginalized communities across the nation.

Shree Caterers owner with Niyati events” Director’s has joined hands in the bandwagon now.The group is delivering around 1,000 food packets to the homeless people in Mysuru daily.The group,along with police’s help, distributes food packets while ensuring that social distancing is maintained as well.

Sreedhar Murthy,Owner of Shree Caterers,who is even a journalist by profession and Senior Vice-President South Region of NAI,Newspapers Association Of India along with his son and friends as Rakesh and Nagesh directors of “Niyati events” decided to supply food packets,mineral water,medicines to the public especially to homeless people and senior citizens and our corona warriors as policemen who are guarding the city for our safety.

These four people daily prepare around 1000 packets of food and Mineral water and travel around 40-50 Km in Mysuru looking for those who are in need of food and water.

As temperatures are high it is very difficult to find clean drinking water many bottling plants and hotels have shut due to lockdown and there is shortage of food and drinking water.

Restaurants and other eateries are closed too so we decided to do our bit.While watching the news on television and social media platforms that many people as poor people,migrant labourers,daily wage workers are in need of food and drinking water.

They start distribution in the afternoon by loading around 1000 food packets prepared at their Shree Catters and drive around in their vehicle across Mysuru.

Shree Caterers owner Sreedhar Murthy with his son Rajeev Murthy with Directors of Niyati events started this initiative to help homeless people in Mysuru.

Sreedhar Murthy, said, as and when the lockdown was imposed by Prime Minister of India I with my son and our well wisher as Nagesh and Rakesh who are directors of Niyati Events we all decided to join hands to help people and we started our journey and provided Lunch and water to More than 5000 Homeless people,security Guards,with all the support and love by our well wishers to serve food for homeless people and we even home delivered pharmaceuticals items to senior citizens houses.

We even provided food packets and water bottles to Kuvempunagar police station, NR Traffic police,KR hospital and security Guards,with all support and love by my son Rajeev Murthy and our well wishers as Rakesh and Nagesh directors of Niyati events towards our work to serve food for homeless people.

Murthy even said as on Day 9 recognising our work for the people I received a call from CM control office who requested us to deliver the tablets to elderly couple we immediately responded and delivered it.I thank Karan ji Agrotech for providing automatic sanitizer spray to create awareness and educate people to wash your hands for safety and we appealed every one to support the lockdown and stay home stay stay safe save lives and join hands in fighting with deadly coronavirus he added.

Rakesh and Nagesh said, we are providing Lunch and water to 400 people, for 30 families below poverty line in Manjunathpura and Lingabudhi palya,daily labourers,Homeless people,KR hospital and security Guards.And we have decided to provide dinner food service for homeless people till the lockdown gets lifted he added.

Rajeev Murthy said we go around Manjunathpura,Lingabudhi Palya and surroundings in search of homeless people to provide Lunch and water to,About 100’s of families below poverty line,Jubilant employees who are quarantined in viceroy hotel,and daily labourers,homeless people as all the hotels and eateries with restaurants are too closed.

Rajeev said we go around in search of homeless people and senior citizens who are hungry and thirsty we start our journey in the afternoon after preparing food and we have pooled in our own money for this initiative the sellers did not cash in on the situation by charging us extra so we thank them for their initiative.