Notorious History-Sheeter Slum Bharath killed in Encounter by North Division Police in Bengaluru :

Pramesh S jain

Notorious History sheeter wanted in more than 47 cases across state has been killed in encounter by North Division police in the early hours of thursday near Hesaraghatta.

Bharath was arrested and was being brought to Bengaluru when he hoodwinked the police and gave them a slip.The police who chased him had fired at Bharath near Soladevanahalli.Bharath,who suffered serious injuries,breathed his last without responding to treatment.Bharath,who collapsed to his knees after having been fired at,was taken to Saptagiri Hospital.But his life could not be saved,it is said.

After he and his associates tried to attack the cops while they were taking him to the places where he committed crimes.The notorious dreaded history sheeter identified as Bharath alias Slum Bharath.

This is the first encounter by the North Division police as there were around 25 shootout took place till today on the dreaded criminals and rowdy sheeters to teach them a lesson and pass a message to other Anti-social elements that we will not tolerate any criminal activities by them in the city as we have zero tolerance for such crimes a strong message to all rowdies by the Bengaluru city police and stern warning to them.

The history sheeter was absconding from Bengaluru and was hiding in Uttar Pradesh the team got tip off and secured him from Uttar Pradesh while arresting the accused instigated the family members and neighbors of his alleged girl friend while the cops came to arrest him the family members gathered and even hurled stones on the team with the help of local police our team secured him from Uttar Pradesh’s Mooradabad and brought him back to Bengaluru.

Senior officer, told media persons,Bharath was arrested from Uttar Pradesh by special team led by DCP,North,N Shashikumar under the supervision of ACP,Dananjaya of Malleshwaram and under the leadership of ACP,JC Nagar,Shanthkumar.He was being led to the city by a special team in two vehicles.When the police were near Peenya,Bharath’s associates who were tipped-off suddenly came in two cars and intercepted the police van and fired at the police.When the police were busy protecting themselves,Bharath suddenly bite the hands of the police,and escaped with his gang in their car.

At around 5 am,information was received on wireless that the vehicle carrying the culprit was found moving near hesaraghatta. Rajagopalanagar station police inspector, Dinesh Patil who chased the car,intercepted the car but Bharath fired three rounds at him.As the inspector was wearing bullet proof jacket at the time,the bullets did not harm him. Two of the bullets fired by Bharath fell on the cars.Another inspector fired in the air and fired two rounds at Bharath.Bharath, who suffered bullet injuries,collapsed on the spot.He later died in a hospital.

DCP North,N Shashikumar said,on Thursday Morning at around 2 am,when the team of cops as PSI, Venkataramanappa,and team where escorting the accused to the places where he has committed crime to recreate the crime scene when the team reached near Peenya SRS junction his associates were tipped off that cops will pass through this route.

As the cops were escorting him in a police van his assosiates came in a Zen car and attacked our police vehicle carrying bharatha in 2 vehicles and tried assaulting with long and they even fired 2 rounds on officers and staff with their illegal weapon as it has hit the vehicle later his associates  escaped Bharath from the clutches of police in zen vehicle.

As soon as the incident took place we alerted all the station and checkposts about the accused getting escaped in Zen car.Later at about 5 am information through wireless given to our team that car of mentioned description is moving towards hesaragatta.

As soon as the information was passed team of cops rushed to spot and gave a filmy chase upon interception of the car 3 rounds fired by bharatha on Rajagopalnagar inspector,Dinesh Patil In which 1 has hit on abdomen and as he was wearing bullet proof jacket he is saved,suffering some injury.2 have hit the car.

As he attacked our inspector and staff the inspector,Lohit of Nandini Layout who was also present their to protect his subordinates and save their lives in self defense he fired 1 round in air and asked the history sheeter to surrender but again he tried to attack our constable Subhash with sharp weapons and tried opening fire again from his illegal weapon the Nandini Layout inspector Lohit Gowda opened again 2 rounds of fire on him with this he has suffered critical injuries and taken to sapthagiri hospital where he has been declared brought dead and we have taken his 10 associates into custody and further investigation is on by the ACP rank officer about the whole operation he added.

Relatives of Slum Bharath hails police and many residents in the vicinity have hailed police officers for killing the history sheeter in the encounter as they say it was a nightmare for them as this rowdy sheeter was small time robber from his teenage but later recently he has became very dangerous for people in the night as he and his associates used to attack people in the night and rob them and has given sleepless nights to many now residents can sleep happily and can roam happily in the night they said.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,has appreciated,Addl CP West,Soumendra Mukherjee,DCP,North,N Shashikumar,and his team as ACPs,as,Dhananjaya,Shanthkumar,PIs,as, Lohit Gowda,Mudduraj,Dinesh Patil,PSI,Venkataramanappa,and staff as,Subhash lamani,and whole team who has done a commendable job and bravery act by risking their lives have killed the history sheeter Slum Bharath in an encounter who was wanted in more than 47 cases across state and special reward will be given to the whole team for their brave act he added.