Rajasthani Academy 29th Kavayitri Sammelan and 7th Naari Gaurav Samman 2020

Rajasthani Academy organised its annual event 29th Kavayitri Sammelan and 7th Naari Gaurav Samman 2020 on Wednesday, 19th February 2020 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center on the pretext of Holi & International Women’s Day. President Shri Gaurav Gupta mentioned in his welcome speech that The Kavayitri Sammelan is being organised continuously for the past 29years in which female members of the Academy come forward to recite poems. This is one of its kind event where there is a seminar for female poetesses.

Shrimati Suman Maheshwari told in her address that the event was conceptualized 29 years ago by Smt. Asha Rani Lakhotia & Sh RN Lakhotia. Sh RN Lakhotia who left us all in January for his heavenly abode was missed at the event as it was the first time in 29 years when he wasn’t present. The chief guest of the event was Member of Parliament and Ex-Minister Shri Ashok Bajpai. The seminar witnessed the presence of Famous Actress – Mrs. Jayashree Arora, Chancellor of AAFT – Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Commissioner of Rajasthani Foundation – Sh. Dhiraj Shrivastava, Diplomat of Burkino Faso – Mr. Caulibaly D. Herve, Registerar of AIIMS, Rishikesh – Mr. B L Chowdhary, Mr. Navratan Aggarwal from Bikanervala. The member Poetesses who recited poems on this year’s topic ‘Mann’ were Mrs. Alka Maheshwari, Mrs. Mamta Mishra, Mrs. Neelam Anand, Mrs. Nisha Bhargava, Mrs. Pravesh Dhawan, Mrs. Pratibha Singhal, Mrs. Pushpa Sharma, Mrs. Suman Maheshwari, Mrs. Shanti Sharma, Mrs. Sunita Bansal, Mrs. Uma Malviya.

The following personalities were awarded under 7th Naari Gaurav Samman 2020 are Mrs. Arushi Nishank (Environmental Activist), MRs. Bijay Lakshmi (Educationist), Dr. Deepa Gupta (Educationist), Mrs. Deepali Sinha (Kathakali Artist), Dr. Deepika Krishna (Medical Entrepreneur), Mrs. Ektaa Sibal (Spiritual Healer), Mrs. Eti Gupta (Entrepreneur), Mrs. IRA Singhal (Social Activist), Mrs. Isha Bhandari (International Social Scientist), Ms. Milee Ashwarya (Publisher), Ms. Nancy Juneja (Educationist), Ms. Neeru Sehgal (Social Activist), Mrs. Nehaa Singh Kamboj (PR Consultant), Mrs. Paridhi Sharma (Social Activist), Mrs. Pragna Parande (Govt. Servant), Mrs. Priyanshi Ujjain (Entrepreneur), Mrs. Reema Garg (Businesswoman), Mrs. Rekha Vohraa (Healer), Mrs. Rinkoo Tulsian Shroff (Fashion Desginer), Mrs. Ruchika Dhingra Arora (Entrepreneur), Mrs. Suruchi Seth (Fashion Designer), Mrs. Vandy Mehra (Businesswoman), Mrs. Winky Singh (Fashion Designer). The event was a full house show and considered to be a great success by all attendees and participants.