NAI State Committee Meet, NAI Demands Journalist Protection Bill

Pramesh Jain

The first state level Newspapers Association of india’s meet was held in Bengaluru at queen’s road in Bengaluru.The General Secretary of Newspapers Association of India,Dr.Vipin Gaur,National Vice President of NAI,Dr.Gururaj Nagnathan The first state level Newspapers Association of india’s meet was held in Bengaluru at,Shivalingappa,Vice-President South region,Syed Munavar,NAI Karnataka State President with many other senior members coming from across the state were present at the meet.

The main agenda of the meet and motive of NAI is to help Journalists and to demand various media policy for journalists from the government.The state meet was held at Bangalore on 5th February at Institute of Agricultural science, with New Karnataka State President, Syed Munavar.

At the meet many members shared their views and opinions how to reform NAI in karnataka state.Dr.Vipin Gaur,General Secretary of Newspapers Association of India addressing the members said.NAI is the Only organization which has staged a protest in the parliament and Jantar Mantar for the welfare of Journalists and Founder of NAI is Late Dr.MR Gaur and after his Death I have taken care of it with the support and cooperation of you all Members.

General secretary of NAI, Dr.Vipin Gaur met journalists and its members in Bengaluru to discuss the idea of implementing journalists security bill,Various media policy and to provide comprehensive security cover for the media personnel. Adressing the gathering,Dr.Gaur said that the he is planing to make karnataka state committee as the best NAI committee to fight for the rights of journalists who are on ground zero reporting for their respective organizations.

This is possible only when journos should come under one platform and show their unity, he added. He further said that the NIA is striving hard to scrap Press Council of India and demand the center to set up press commission of India.The NAI is already discussing this with the Central Government at various levels,he said. Formation of commission will give more power and visibility to the journos to fight for their rights.

The members of NAI from all the state should write letter Colletively to Chief Minister of their respective state,CC to, Governor, information department,PM, union Home Minister ans Ministry of information and broadcasting. The NAI will collective consensus will demand and fight for the betterment of journos and their families including 10 percent reservation quota for their  children at Kendriya Vidyalaya across the country and also similar reservation in professional courses.This apart travel passes at railway and buses will also be on the card.

For this the NAI needs to be strengthened and the existing members should launch a membership drive to get more members, he said. The NAI is also planning to seek land from the government with a plan to build school and office for its members.The office will gave a dormatry facilities for out station journos who come to blore on official work.

The NAI which has members across many South Asian countries is getting stronger by the day and seek more support from the journalist to fight for their rights and demand. Fighting for rights and demand at individual level has less effect compared to fighting with the organization support. Thus will much more impact.

All members who want to join the organisation will come in proper channel as by the state committee only, but after all this Agenda also if the state committee does not show any progress by doing some activities then there is no use of just meeting and afterwards not working on it.

The Biggest organisation is NAI which has more than 8500 members across Nation and which is the Awardee of first website search on Google,and who has done many workshop in Central by doing workshops in Colleges for the Mass Communication students,but this is not getting done by state committee so the General Secretary of NAI,Vipin Gaur has asked the State committee to make some better media policy for the state,by interacting with various departments and doing regular activities.

Central committee will help the state committee to start new policy,if state commitee work seriously.But when there is no such activity or efforts from state committee how can central committee can do as central committee is doing good efforts to reform the NAI organisation name, as 1st time in India NAI has organized tribute for Journalist,Global Festival of Journalism,and journalist body donation camp,and has even participated in many protests,too.

In India there is more than 150 organisations and many have opened new organisations in our organizations name those who have utilised our organisation name they cannot compare it to our 27 years of activity we have done for the journalists and for the society.

We are regularly doing free Workshop to journalism students, Every year we are going to 4-5 Big programmes , we are the only association who is publishing from past 27 years in different states,and we are the first non-Government association who have journalist in all states and districts and finally he said today I am in many posts and been appointed recently into Scouts&Guides and other organisations only because of Newspapers Association of India people are recognising me and I have full faith in the NAI Karnataka state president, Syed Munavar,and other members who will reform the NAI Karnataka state commitee as Karnataka is root level of our organization which is working from past 27 years he added.

Finally all the members joined together and Felicilated Dr.Vipin Gaur,Dr.Gururaj Naganathan,Shivalingappa,Syed Munavar and Dr.Manjunath CN who has recently been decorated with Honorary Doctorate award for his efforts and dedication to the society for the welfare of public.