West Division police arrest six SDPI Activists in connection with attack on RSS activist during pro-CAA rally in Bengaluru ;

The West Division police of kalasipalya and Chamarajpet police station inspectors and staff have busted a Bengaluru ‘terror module’ organised crime with the arrest of six members of the Social Democratic Party of India who had allegedly attempted to kill a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker on December 22 for taking part in a pro-Citizenship Amendment Act rally,at Townhall.

The arrested accused has been identified as Irfan,Syed Akbar,Syed Siddiqui,Akbar Basha,Sanaulla and Sadiq Amin alias ‘Sound Amin’,all residents of KG Halli in the city.

The pro-CAA rally was addressed by Bangalore south MP Tejasvi Surya and activist of the ‘Namo Brigade’ Chakravarty Sulibele.There were also instances of stones being pelted at that rally.

The SDPI members reached the venue on three stolen motorcycles.They wanted to storm into the crowd initially but due to heavy police presence,they could not.They wanted to create a panic situation by hurling stones so that people will flee deserting their leaders making it easier to eliminate their targets.

SDPI funded these accused each month to carry out disruptive activities.“They were funded to create communal tension, recruit, disturb and to kill mass leaders in Bengaluru to create communal tension. These six people don’t have any contact with Muslim community leaders.They were told to create panic in Bengaluru.

On the afternoon of December 22nd last year, 31-year-old south Bangalore resident Varun Bopala was accosted by two men on a bike when he was returning from the rally.These people used many helmets and phones and wore layers of shirts. They wanted to kill a Hindu leader. Several stones was pelted at the rallyists in Bengaluru on the day of the pro-CAA rally.

Many ministers have renewed the call for a ban on SDPI and PFI.They had earlier demanded a ban when Rajnath Singh was the Home Minister but it could not be implemented.

Bhaskar Rao,commissioner of police,said on the 22nd of December,when Pro-CAA protests were going on in front of Townhall.Soon after it got over an individual by name Varun,35,year old belonging to BJP was attacked with deadly weapons and was led to bleed for himself and the citizens and locals admitted him to Victoria hospital.

Our investigation has revealed the major terror module that was out that they tried to create disturbance.Through our painstaking investigation we have discovered that there are six people belonging to SDPI.Who had met earlier number of times,and on the 22nd of December they met 5.30 am in the morning and again they met at 8.30 am in the morning and after that they had come and conducted recee to carry out dastardly attack on some leaders who are supporting the CAA.

Sensing the huge police presence they tried to pelt stones to create disturbance but unfortunately or fortunately the stones did not fall on persons but it fell elsewhere.As a result those engaged in a PRO-CAA protest did not heed to the stone pelting.

Their idea was that if a stone pelting has taken place people would have gone helter skelter and their target would have been visible and they could carried out the attack on the target.They entered and were waiting for the meeting to end and then this youngster by name Varun was found to be actively distributing water and helping people was alone and was moving alone in the Usman Sahab street in Kalasipalya police station limits.

And then he was chased and attacked by these people and when he fell down he was given up for a dead and those people escaped from there.Then they all went towards Mysore Road changed their clothes threw their helmets in KR Puram lake,and all these have captured on 800 different cameras of Bengaluru city.

Our CCTV team has painstakingly done a investigation,and our officers led by DCP,West,Ramesh Banoth and ACP,Mahanth Reddy and Kumaraswamy inspector,and Shruthi our CCTV expert and their team have been laied their and over 850 hours of footage have been viewed very very minutely by the different teams and all these persons activities has been brought to light.

Rao,even said these people were paid Rs.10,000 by their organizer handlers to create terror.There idea was first to recruit,then radicalise,then create disturbance and then kill and this organization I am told are involved in disturbance in earlier also and now this case will be handed by the Anti terror unit of the Bengaluru city police.

I am full of appreciation for the team that has been able to detect this case of attempt to murder and the doctors who have done excellent treatment to Varun who has been able to survive otherwise it would been huge casualty.When asked where this members are also involved in previous cases,Bhaskar Rao,said, members of SDPI are definitely involved in earlier cases also which has been revealed in previous investigation also.So we are literally living with this organization which is designed to create and spread terror in the city and in the state.

Further investigations will be carried out by the Anti terrorist squad of Bengaluru city unit and we have got 5-6 teams of Bengaluru West police station to investigate this case now the case will be investigated further by the Anti-terror unit of Bengaluru city.When asked sir you said 10,000 rupees were paid to them who was those person who paid them,Bhaskar Rao,said,so all those things will come out from the investigation,what are the sources of funds,who were their handlers,from whom they are getting this instructions and what is their ultimate goal etc will be known.

And I am very relieved,extremely relieved when I have spoken to members of the minority community as well as the religious minority community who has given us full support by saying they totally denounce the activities of this organization and they have nothing to do with this organizations,and finally he said we will bring this organization matter to Government and we will inform the exemplary work done by the team and handsome rewards will be given to whole team.

We have named them as the Bengaluru terror module of chapter-1. All of them are in our custody. They wanted to kill the main speakers of the event (pro-Citizenship Amendment Act rally),” Rao said.

Besides registering a case of attempt to murder,cases have been booked against them for creating enmity between two religious communities and under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act,and finally I appreciate,Addl CP West,Umesh,DCP,West,Ramesh Banoth,and his team as,ACP,Mahanth Reddy,PIs,as,BG Kumaraswamy,Shivakumar,PSIs,as,Krishnamurthy,Murthy,Narayani, probationary PSIs,Ms.Shruthi,Manjunath and Raveesh,staff as,Muniraju,Gangamahimayya,Kumar,Zaheeruddin Rehaman,Srimanth Rathod, Janardhan,Srinivas,NarasimhaMurthy,Manjunath,Lamshman Achar,Kantharaj,Mogalya Nayak,Vinod,Ajay,Mohan and others has done a exemplary work he added.