CM Yediyurappa, Launched Emergency Response Support System

The 112 Single Emergency Helpline number as Emergency Response Support System came into existence based on the report submitted by Justice Verma of Nirbhaya Committee.The Central government introduced and asked all the states to integrate to Single Helpline number for public.
No longer need to call different numbers for police,fire and ambulance.Of these,112 have the same number.Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa along with High-ranking police officers including Home Minister,Basavaraj Bommai,MLA,NA Harris,Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department Dr.Rajneesh Goyal,DG&IGP of Karnataka,Neelamani N Raju,Additional Director General of CL&M Rajvir Pratap Sharma were also present at the event on thursday launched the ‘Emergency Response Support System.Located on the premises of the Police Communication,Logistics and Modernization (CL&M) office on Mahatma Gandhi Road,the center includes 100 police helpline 100, fire department 101 and ambulance services 108.You can get all these emergency services by calling 112.
Karnataka now has an integrated emergency helpline number, 112, which will allow residents of the state to call for police, fire and emergency, and ambulance services. The Emergency Response Support System (ERSS),which is already in place in 17 states in the country, will be implemented in Karnataka in the next few days. 100,101 and 108 will remain in operation until the public can remember the number 112 completely.112 is also started in the other states as part of the central government’s ‘One India, One Emergency’.  There are 112 operations in other states and Union Territories of the country.But it is the only operation in the major cities and is dedicated to full scale operation in our state.
Speaking at the inauguration of the 112 helpline number, CM BS Yediyurappa said,It makes me very happy to inaugrate the 112 Helpline number this is one of the ambitious plan of the central government is happy to launch the Emergency Response 112.This single number will help integrate all the other helpline number into it as,Police,fire and rescue and ambulances are integrated into 112.112 will be useful in controlling and prosecuting cases of crime in the state.  People friendly Police,People’s Safety Center and State Government are the top priority.It will help to protect those who are in distress.This will benefit working women.You can dial 112 numbers,you can even send SMS,you can report on the website,send mail,you can even chat and or get help through 112 India App.As of now 86 Emergency vehicles can be quickly deployed to help those who are in distress.The central government has spent Rs 10 crore for this project.The remaining amount has been borne by the state government.There are 180 emergency vehicles at night and day in all districts of the state.The number of these vehicles will be increased to 500 in the coming days.In Bengaluru, it will be funded to buy 100 petrol vehicles,he said.
The new system will maintain transparency of how the police will be assisted and assisted in case of emergencies,”said by DG&IGP of karnataka Neelamani N Raju.Meanwhile,CM BS Yediyurappa flagged off thirty ‘Mahindra XUV 300’ vehicles that are rushed to the emergency department. Rajvir Pratap Sharma,ADGP,for Communication and logistics Modernization,told media persons that,it is a national initiative but to make this services reach to a common man our state has taken two unique initiatives.We have Launched a elaborate Website this website is for the people.second initiative is an elaborate users manual which is the creation of Karnataka state police to reach to the common man has been done.There are many others modes adopted like YouTube Publicity,FM band publicity,and going through the mass internet information all these efforts we have done.But still we know we cannot reach the hundred percent population in one row so to ensure that people gets confuses from helpline 100,108 this two services and fire services which are existing at the moment will continue to exist till the dependence of the people with hundred percent without absolute and after that only the 100,101 and 108 will be discontinued.However our efforts are gradually changing the confuses and bring people Under the umbrella 112 Emergency Response support system as One nation One Emergency Call number.He even said in the other countries the emergency number 911 Vehicle system is little different there people can reach only through SMS and phone calls in Europe there are three methods,SMS,E-mail,and Telephone calls.Since we are adopting it late so we have more elaborate system we have six inputs of methods,America has same Module scheme may be 30 years back.Europe had 25 years back so one thing we have their experience that irrespective whatever others can say India has most evolve technology country today so we have got six methods others have three and America has two they were also be updated over the period of time I don’t know but at the moment we are having six methods he added.
Under what circumstances people can call ?:
Police,Ambulance,fire and rescue
Violence against women,atrocities on children,all forms of criminal activity.
Traffic jams,riots,natural or man-made disasters,disasters.Information on suspicious objects,persons,
Calling for help if any person falls ill on highway, desolate areas.
 112 Connecting Methods:
–  Dial 112 on mobile.
 – Pressing the mobile’s power button three times continuously calls 112
 – Press 5 or 9 on Basic Mobile for a while and connect to 112
Download the ‘112 India’ app through which you can call and inform.
There is also an SOS facility
Emergency assistance is thus obtained.
The CL&M office on MG Road has an emergency response control room.There are a total of 180 policemen,with 60 policemen each.They are trained to receive the call and forward it to the concerned districts.
Call taker responds by pressing call 8.The caller should then state the name,address of emergency assistance and what type of assistance is needed.If you do not know the address,the location will be known through tower location or GPS.
Depending on the call preference, it will be forwarded to the Dispatch section divided into ‘Most Emergency’, ‘Medium Emergency’ and ‘Normal’.From there, the Emergency Response Unit,which is located in all the district centers of the state, is sent to the ‘District Planning Center’.They tell emergency crews nearby and emergency crews will rush to the spot soon.People can call 112 to get help.
 Miss Call is recorded:
 If the call is not received in the control room while the call is in effect, it will be recorded as Miss Call.Then the call back from the control room will be done by the operator to know the details.
The single emergency helpline number 112 responds well to the Safety of people Emergency Response Support System (ERSS).About more than 12 lakh calls have been received in a single day,Last Thursday,Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa had officially launched the 112 service.  The background to the plan’s implementation has been unimaginable.  Yes,more than 12 lakh calls in a single day.  There have been over 50 thousand calls in one hour.Prior to this, there were a number of emergency helpline numbers for 100 for police assistance,101 for firefighters,108 for health care,and so on.112 single emergency helpline has been launched for all systems.All emergency services are available to the public under the number 112, such as an emergency service ambulance (108), police service (100) and fire service (101).Calling 112 is sufficient, and within a few minutes the staff transmits to their relatives.