Rajajinagar police arrested Prime accused with other 20 for spreading rumours,and protesting against Traffic police in Bengaluru

Police appeals and warns people who are spreading rumours and are indulging in protest against cops and assaulting them as many have taken cops on granted but this will be a strict warning to all the citizens to do not indulge in arguing and assaulting cops you will be delt with severe and stringent punishment so beware before you try to spread rumours and disturb the society”.
In a Joint operation by Rajajinagar Traffic police and law and order police have arrested more than 21 persons involved in tussle with cops and obstructing a government servant to perform his duty.
A protest erupted and tension prevailed when a towing vehicle attached to the Bengaluru traffic police was towing away two-wheelers parked on no-parking zones on Dr Rajkumar Road.
The protest intensified as more people began to join after rumours spread that the driver of the towing vehicle was drunk.
The group soon swelled, blocking traffic. Some of them even started recording the video of policeman and the driver in the towing vehicle.
Many alleged towing vehicle drivers were merciless when it came to picking vehicles on roads and forcing them to pay hefty fines and bribes.You can drink and drive and there is no action against you, the motorists were heard abusing and shouting at the driver.
Tension was gripped on Saturday last weekend where in one person spread rumours that the towing vehicle driver is drunk on duty this rumours led to people gathering and blocking the traffic and whole area the mob Ghereao the towing vehicle and held a protest against the ASI and driver that they are drunk and they shouted slogan against police and demanded that driver need to be checked on the spot as soon as the information was passed to control room Rajajinagar Traffic Inspector,MA Mahesh who was on his way to attend meeting has rushed immediately to spot of the incident and tried to control the crowd he even asked the crowd to come to station rather blocking the road but the anger mob dint obey to him and it went out of hand to control the crowd the crowd tried to pull the driver but inspector and his staff surrounded the area in covering the ASI and Driver of the towing vehicle.
In the tussle the angry mob turned the protest into violent in which they even injured a ASI,Shivanna,of Rajajinagar police station who was trying to disperse the crowd the angry protestors injured his finger and escaped from the spot.
Two FIRs were registered at Rajajinagar police station against unknown person one by traffic cops and one by law and order police.
The accused has been identified as,A1,Prime accused,T.Yeshwanth Rao,55,resident of Kamakshipalya,Dhananjaya,36,resident of Sunkadakate these are the both prime accused who spread rumours among other and others who joined them in protesting against cops and shouting slogans are,Riteesh M,21,resident of Kurubarahalli,Santhosh A,20,resident of JC Nagar,Gelleyara Balaga,Aman Singh,24,resident of Banashankari 3rd stage,SD Ramachandra,34,resident of Kamalanagar,Kumresh,40,resident of Srirampuram,Basappa Hosamani,31,resident of Rajajinagar,Lakshmish,24,resident of malleshwaram,Sunil,21,resident of Srirampuram,Das,23,resident of Prakashnagar,R Ramu,44,resident of Prakashnagar,Gopi,24,resident of Srirampuram,Shivakumar,27,resident of Srirampuram,Gurulingaiah,27,resident of Prakashnagar,Balakrishna,38,resident of Sheshadripuram,Shashikumar,28, resident of Gayathrinagar,Pradeep M,19,resident of Rajajinagar,Ramachandra,30,resident of Prakashnagar,Vinod Kumar,30,resident of LN Puram,Vignesh S,20,resident of Kurubarahalli.
The prime accused in the case has been identified as,A1,T Yeshwanth Rao,55,resident of Kamakshipalya,and Dhananjaya,36,resident of Sunkadakate these are the both prime accused who spread rumours among public in the area as Dhananjaya a auto driver by profession has spread a rumours about the ASI and towing driver as they are drunk as he is seen in the video abusing and telling the ASI that your both face and eyes shows that you both are drunk and he spread this like anything as passerby commuters gathered in large numbers of people gathered and created a big mess in the area which has resulted in heavy traffic snarls by these both errant monsters who wanted to get publicity and become heroes by blaming cops as they even blamed the ASI that they take bribe also is rules does not apply them as can they drink and drive and propogated other passerby to join hands with his protest against innocent traffic cops and driver of the towing vehicle.
The incident took place on 21st September morning at Dr.Rajkumar raod near ICICI Bank at around 11 am in the morning when a towing vehicle which is also called Tiger which tows away the vehicles parked in wrong parking zone.
The anger mob even damaged the towing vehicle and vandalised or broken the mirror and glass of vehicle too.
Senior officer said,as on 21st September Our ASI,of Rajajinagar Traffic,Gangaiah  was on his routine rounds in towing vehicle in the Dr.Rajkumar road near ICICI Bank to tow away the vehicles parked in roadside obstructing the traffic.As Dr. Rajkumar Road under Rajajinagar Traffic Police Station,is a commercial area and densely populated area,with a narrow road,with heavy traffic for 24 hours a day.Due to the traffic congestion on this road there is no parking zone area and it is difficult to allow smooth traffic despite the appointment of two officers and ten staff every day for traffic management duties.As the number of parked vehicles on the side of the road is increasing day by day,towing vehicles are asked to tow away the vehicles parked in roadside and it is getting cleared in this road daily to facilitate smooth traffic for the safety of general public.So as on 21st September the ASI who was on his routine rounds in the Dr.Rajkumar road area noticed vehicles parked on the roadside obstructing traffic.The ASI as per the SOP as Standard operating procedure of towing away the vehicle as per the rules he came announcing in the whole area and asked the vehicle owners remove their vehicle hewhile on his second rounds he noticed that the vehicles were still parked at the same place he then again announced in the mic for three times with vehicle number but there was no response from the owner then the towing guys were asked to tow away the vehicles near ICICI Bank as per procedure they took the photo of the vehciels in the no-parking area as the ASI moved further the owner of the vehicle came running in the midway his Two-wheeler vehicle bearing number KA-02-HA-6664 arrives at the venue and pays fines to his vehicle and after paying the fine he deliberately stops the towing vehicle and indulges in a heat argument with the officer and the towing crew he spreads rumours that the driver of the towing vehicle is drunk and driving on duty and they are just looting us and as he spreads rumours and blocks the towing vehicle the ASI Gangaiah immediately passes the information to the control room about the incident as soon as the information was passed to control room senior officers as DCP Traffic West,Dr.SK Soumyalatha directs ACP Traffic North Mallikarjun and the Rajajinagar traffic inspector,MA Mahesh,and ACP Traffic North to rush to the spot and take the stock of the situation the inspector and other staff rushed to the spot and surrounded the area and covered up their staff and driver of the towing vehicle as the monster identified as T Yeshwanth Rao and Dhananjaya are those who spread rumours against the towing driver that he is drunk and he gathered a huge crowd in Dr.Rajkumar road and Inspector who rushed to spot asked the crowd to clear the area and asked them to come to the police station and clear their doubts about the driver is drunk or not the inspector of Rajajinagar Traffic even requested the crowd by announcing in the Mic to clear the area as it is obstructing traffic for other commuters but the crowd dint hear to inspectors requests and started shouting slogans against traffic cops and swelled in blocking the whole area traffic demanding the driver should be tested on the spot and the anger mob even tried to climb the towing vehicle and pull the driver whom they blamed they even abused the cops with filthy language and used unparamilitary words against their family as the tension was gripped and went out of hands inspector got the Breathalyzer a alcometer machine and subjected the driver to blow in the alcometer the test turned into negative for the first time the anger mob demanded the cops to check again the inspector however checked for four times the percentage came as Zero percentage as the gathered crowd got to know they are fooled by the vehicle owner slowly they started to escape from the spot in the meanwhile the law and order cops of Rajajinagar police station who was at the spot while dispersing the crowd the protesters turned the protest into violent as one of the rogue monster injured the finger of ASI as Assistant Sub-inspector,Shivanna attached to Rajajinagar police station was injured as the anger mob assaulted the ASI who was performing his duty in dispersing the crowd as more than thousand people gathered which resulted in heavy traffic jam for kilometers and the traffic came to stand still on the Dr.Rajkumar road and surrounding areas as the people parked their vehicles blocking the area on the middle of the road and started recording the same and it is alleged that the anger mob even damaged the towing vehicle and vandalised the mirror and glass of towing truck and the mob turned into anger and violent on the driver they even tried to pull him out by climbing on the towing truck they even abused the driver and cops some even seen demanding to show their documents and all then also the cops were very polite and handled the crowd very smoothly but when the test turned into negative and the anger crowed got to know they were fooled by the vehicle owner they started escaping from the spot.After the incident took place Senior Officers as,DCP North,Shashikumar,with DCP Traffic West,Dr.SK soumyalatha visited the spot and took stock of the situation and after collecting the information about the incident they ordered for an enquiry and registered a two FIR against unknown person in the Rajajinagar police station in the cr no,132/2019,U/s,143,146,149, 341,353,427,504 r/w,149 IPC and a special teams were formed to nab the vehicle owner Yeshwanth Rao and others a joint operation was carried out by Rajajinagar Inspectors as,Ramareddy and MA Mahesh formed special teams and the team swung into action and after analysing the CCTV footage and other inputs the team on the first day rounded up five person and on the next day they rounded another 10 and on 23rd they were successful in nabbing the prime accused T.Yeshwanth Rao and other four altogether 21 accused has been arrested till today for spreading rumours and obstructing the police officer in discharging his duties and other IPC sections has been registered against them and more than 20 persons has been arrested so far and has been produced before the magistrate and remanded to judicial custody and those who tried to become heroes in blaming cops are cooling their heels in jail and a case has been registered in Rajajinagar police station and further investigation is going on,and for handling the whole incident smoothly without losing their patience as last week a incident of a head constable attached to Halasurgate traffic police station has gone viral in which a traffic head constable was seen abusing a tempo driver and even assaulted him for going in against one way in the No-Entry the cop lose his temper in this incident but here the thousands of monsters a anger mob even abused the cops and shouted slogan against them they didn’t loose their temper and anger and handled the situation very politely and smoothly for this Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,Joint CP Traffic,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,has appreciated DCPs as,Shashikumar,Dr.SK Soumyalatha,ACP,Mallikarjuna Chukki,PIs,as,MA Mahesh and Ramareddy and their whole staff who has nabbed the prime accused and others within 48 hours and handled the situation very smoothly and safely he added.