Four dreaded criminals arrested by Vyalikaval police in Foiled Jewellery heist case cracked within 3 hours in Bengaluru

“The instant and courageous action of the complainant brave couple Ashish and Mrs.Rakhi has done a excellent job in foiling robbery attempt and timely action by Sanjeev Gowda,PI and team in cracking the case within three hours is highly Commendable – Bhaskar Rao Pollice Commissioner”
“Appreciates the extraordinary courage and bravery and presence of mind exhibited by Ms.Rakhi and also by Ashish in foiling what would have been a very dastardly crime and would have brought down the prestige and brought down the safety standard of the city after the incident took place I also went to the spot and complimented and congratulated the young couple who has shown lot of bravery”
“Cased cracked within three hours “
The Central Division police of Vyalikaval police with other neighbouring Station inspectors and staff have arrested four dreaded criminals and recovered two country-made pistols and live ammunition bullets from their possession.
The accused has been identified as,The prime accused, is identified as,Balaji Ramesh Gayakwad,25,Balwan Singh,24, Sriram Bishnoi,26,and Om Prakash.
The miscreants were armed with weapon while attempting to rob the Samrat Jewellers in Vyalikaval area But the Daring women the owner,Ms.Rakhi of Samrat Jewellers has foiled the robbery attempt by throwing a chair and raised an alarm the accused who opened a fire in air on their ceiling of the shop which resulted in the magazine of the pistol fell on the floor on impact all the three accused flee the spot.
Ashish Kumar the owner of shop who was near the cash counter jumped across and started chasing the accused but returned back after giving a chase he missed the chase and returned back for the safety of her wife and employees as what might be the plan of culprits so he returned back and locked the shop and informed police.
As soon as the incident was reported Vyalikaval police inspector Yogananda with Sanjeev Gowda PI of Sheshadripuram rushed to the spot and cordoned the area ACP Niranjanraj aras with Senior officers as DCP, Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,Addl CP west,Umesh rushed to spot and after collecting the information about the incident he passed the message to Commissioner of police Bhaskar Rao about the brave Act of Women the owner who has foiled the robbery immediately commissioner to rushed to spot to meet the brave women and thank her.
Smt.Rakhi,Wonder and Brave Women,the Samrat Jewellery Shop owner told media persons and shared her brave act in resisting the accused,she said the robbers came in and asked for a Sachin Tendulkar Chain while my husband was taking out the chain to show it to them they pulled out their guns and fired one round I picked up a chair that was near me and threw it at them they tried to run away my husband tried to chase them but he came back once he realized that this could be a ploy to distract us she said.
Ashish,Owner of Jewellery shop said,The incident took place around 2:30 pm on Wednesday.Three people came in and asked me for a chain when I turned to remove the chain they removed their guns and fired in the air my wife Who managed to pick up a chair hurled it at them after that they tried to run away I tried to chase them but realized that my wife and store could still be under threats so I rushed back immediately and called the cops who came to spot and took the case very seriously and nabbed all the accused within 12 hours we appreciate their efforts he added.
Senior officer who is part of investigation told reporters that,On Wednesday afternoon,three of them entered the shop on the pretext of buying a Sachin Tendulkar gold chain while the fourth man kept watch outside.Balawan, who was wearing a helmet,pulled out the pistol and threatened the owner Aashish Jain at gun point the couple resisted the armed accused as Aashish’s wife Rakhi, who was in the store,hurled a steel chair at the accused following which Balawan opened fire.The gang fled from the store and escaped on their motorcycle then Ashish who was near the cash counter jumped across and started chasing them he gave them a chase for some metres and returned back as he lost their chase while chasing the accused throwed his mobile and helmet on the Ashish and others so to not take any chance as her wife and employees were alone in the shop so to protect he returned back to his shop and closed the shutters and informed the cops the cops with other senior officials with dog squad and forensic experts rushed to the spot and the dog was pressed into action the dog squad inspected whole area which helped the cops to get their vehicle and mobile phone after collecting all the clues we formed three teams to track down the gang.They were tipped off about a suspicious black motorcycle near Vyalikaval Circle our team seized the motorcycle and the mobile phone with the tower location and details collected from the mobile after which the teams worked in different clues available and the team led by PI,Sheshadripuram,Sanjeev Gowda  the gang was nabbed from a rented home in DVG layout who had gathered at the spot after the attempted robbery the team recovered two country-made pistols,two rounds of ammunition and mobile phones from them.They were planning to flee to their respective native places after the foiled attempt after nabbing all the dreaded criminal gang the team grilled them in which the prime accused was Balaji spilled the beans and said he has decided to target smaller jewellery stores that were not as secure as banks.He had initially zeroed in on another store in Vyalikaval area but called off the plan after noticing CCTV cameras during a recce.He then zeroed in on Samrat Jewels on 2nd Main Road in Palace Guttahalli,Vyalikaval as he found no CCTV cameras installed and without realising that the owners had installed CCTV cameras.He deployed his associates to keep a watch on the store and the owner.After nabbing all the accused and detailed investigation was conducted by the team in which it has revealed that the prime accused,Balaji Ramesh Gayakwad,25,was involved in a bank robbery in Satara,Maharashtra,in March this year and has been on the run since then.Balaji was based in Bengaluru where he made artificial jewellery and silver items.After the bank heist, he left Satara with his share of the loot and returned to Bengaluru and he led a lavish life.He had invested in two country-made pistols from Bihar.He planned to use them to commit more crimes.It was these guns that the gang used for the jewellery heist on Wednesday.When he ran out of money, Balaji hatched a plan to rob a jewellery store.He roped in Sriram Bishnoi,23, and Omprakash,27,two fabricators from Rajasthan who lived with him in his rented house at Banaswadi.He also roped in Balawan Singh,a dismissed BSF constable, from Haryana.They had met through a common friend.Balaji allegedly convinced Balawan to come to Bengaluru for the job.Balawan arrived in the city a week ago and stayed in the Banaswadi house and Balaji wanted the former constable to train them in the use of arms.At the jewellery store,Balawan had allegedly pulled out a gun and opened fire.Investigations revealed that he was dismissed from the BSF after being arrested for opening fire at his neighbour over a property dispute in his hometown said senior officer.
Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,said the Armed criminals visited the shop in the pretext of purchasing a Tendulkar gold chain while Ashish was trying to show that this one of the accused persons opened fire which hits the ceilings of their shop.Ms.Rakhi who was behind the counter showed extraordinary of mind and took out the chair and threw it to the accused persons when this chair fell on them they became little unnerved they became little unsteady and unstable and tried to escape then immediately Ashish jumped across the counter and started chasing them and two of them were inside and one person was assisting them took to their heels appreciates the extraordinary,courage and bravery and presence of mind exhibited by Smt.Rakhi and also by Ashish in foiling what would have been a dastardly crime and would have brought down the prestige brought down the safety standard of the city.After the incident took place ACP Sheshadripuram,Niranjanraj Urs,Sanjeev Gowda police inspector of Sheshadripuram and other staff rushed to spot under the leadership of DCP,Central,Chethan Singh Rathore and collected all the clues thereafter Joint Commissioner of Police Crime,Sandeep Patil,Addl CP,West,Umesh,visited the spot and later I also went to the spot complimented and congratulated the young couple who has shown lot of bravery.Later three special teams were formed under the able guidance and leadership of DCP,Central,Chetan Singh Rathore the team collected all the clues from the crime scene and swung into action one team was busy in analysing CCTV footage and one team was busy in locating them through sources and technical inputs after collecting CCTV footage the team passed the photographs of accused to all the stations and a special team headed by Sanjeev Gowda PI of Sheshadripuram got a credible inputs that the accused is in Vinayakanagar area of KR Puram as soon as the information was passed inspector and his team rushed to spot and zeroed in one of the accused who came to grocery shop to purchase some items was zeroed in and with this the team surrounded the whole area and zeroed in the other three accused from their rented house in Vinayakanagar without using any force the team nabbed all the four accused within 3 hours after the incident reported after nabbing all the four the team questioned them and during questioning they confessed the crime and a detailed investigation was conducted by the team during the course of interrogation the team grilled all the four accused who spilled the beans and it was revealed that the prime accused,Balaji Ramesh Gayakwad,25,was involved in a bank robbery in Satara, Maharashtra,which took place in March this year and he was on the run since then and has come to city and Balaji was working in making artificial jewellery and silver items and other three were his roommate who used to stay with him in his rented house after looting the bank he came to Bengaluru with his share and leaved a lavish lifestyle here as he has spent his money in buying two country-made pistols from Bihar and as he ran out of money he hatched a plan of looting a jewellery store but his luck went in vain as the extraordinary bravery act shown by Smt.Rakhi and Ashish has foiled their all dreams and lavish lifestyle now they will cool their heels in jail and further investigation is on to ascertain their criminal antecedents with this arrest of notorious dreaded criminal the inspector Sanjeev Gowda shown a very brave act who has risked his life as he was aware that the accused were armed with weapon but then also playing on their life the team zeroed in all the accused from their rented house without any extra force they have done the operation very intelligently and cleverly they nabbed all the accused before fleeing from here and a case has been registered in Vyalikaval police station under Arms Act and attempt to murder and investigations is underway and finally I appreciate,Addl CP West,Umesh,Joint CP Crime,Sandeep Patil,DCP,Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,ACP,Sheshadripuram Sub-Division,Niranjanraj Urs,PIs,as,Sanjeev Gowda,Naveen Kumar,Yogananda,PSI,as,Rajanna, probationary PSIs,as,Vasant,Sangappa Marabad,Crime staff as,L Prasanna Kumar,Jaganath Patil,Thimmachari,Yashodhar Naik,Girigowda,Vishwanath Gowda,Ranganath L,Prabhakar SM,Shivsiddegowda,RevannaSiddappa,Ramesh Pujari,and Praveen Kumar and other crime staff has been appreciated for their exemplary and excellent work in cracking the case within three hours and a reward of Rs.1 lakh to the team will be given for cracking the sensational case and I am recommending Ms.Rakhi’s name to the central government for her act of bravery he said.