Indian Overseas Bank

binod takiawala

The first stage of the consultative process designed to generate ideas and review performance
of the Branches and their alignment with the national priorities, was conducted at Regional
Level by IOB on 17 th and 18 th of August 2019.
The meet focused on the ways and means to increase credit to various sector of the economy,
enhanced use of technology to bring about innovation and enable big data analytics, and for
improvement in various areas including Credit support for economic growth; Infrastructure;
MSME; Export credit; Green Economy etc.
As a result of the consultation, a number of implementable and innovative suggestions came up
on how IOB in general and Delhi Region in particular, may improve their performance and what
the road map for the future should be.
The consultative process has resulted in a renewed sense of involvement and the Region is
geared towards implementing the roadmap for the future, and align itself to national priorities so
that it may fulfill its mandate of partnering the Indian growth story.