The Youngest Mr. India Lakshay Chaudhary soon to Debut in Bollywood

binod takiawala


The 19-year-old, Delhi based fashion model, Lakshay Chaudhary, who bagged the title of the youngest Mr. India after being crowned as the official the representative of  India at Mr. Grand International Pageant is an emerging name in the industry.

 Lakshay is pursuing English Honors from Ramjas College and has achieved a lot at this young age. He has walked the ramp for several big names in the fashion industry. He has represented the runway for fashion designers like Sanjana John, Kirti Rathore, Dhruv Hingle, and Jaya Mishra. Lakshay was the show stopper for Sumit Das Gupta during Kerala Runway Week. He has also done a show for Mohanlal and Sons. Lakshay has been a part of various fashion events such as Asian Designer Week 2018, Indian Fashion Week 2019 and Pool at Delhi Times Fashion Week 2019. Talking about Lakshay’s  career as a fashion model, he has also been shot for Siddharth Tytler and Woman’s Era Magazine’s February edition.

According to Lakshay, he always wanted to be a fashion model. He used to watch all the pageants, research on them and read them closely through different fashion magazines. As a child, he used to try on different looks on himself as well as on his younger brother and all these things have inspired him to enter this industry.

When asked about his views on the current norms of the fashion industry and the path of success here, he replied, “Success and failure depend on your dedication and hard work. You have to be very patient in this industry. You get success but it takes time since you learn through your failures. I too have failed many times and that has helped me a lot with my future plans which have always inspired me to work hard towards mine success. One way of thinking for going for this industry is that there’s never success without failures. It is a learning path to get success. Explaining about his experiences, Lakshay further shared, “I never got upset because I failed. I could not make to the top 15 in Mr. North India Pageant and that was the day I made it a mission that  I will be judging the event someday in future. Now, after winning the Mr. India Pageant, I was called to judge in that same event. I take my failures as challenges.”

Mr. Chaudhary also discussed his current projects and future plans. “I am doing some ramp shows and I am planning to take acting classes. Looking at the vastness of the industry, I feel the more you expand your capabilities the more work you get” he said. Lakshay is going to be making his debut in Bollywood soon with Actor Sonu Sood. As a piece of advice for the people out there willing to make their career in the fashion industry, he said  “I believe, the most important quality one should have is patience. Just like the saying goes “Apna time ayega”, just remember that. Even when I went through downfalls I used to say this to myself. It is all about patience and making your failures into challenges and then surely you will get success.

Talking about his experience, while working with Sonu Sood he said, “Sonu Bhai is like my elder brother. He has been guiding me really well. He advised me with my acting career, from where I should take acting classes and what improvements I should do. He is one of the most down-to-earth people I have come across in the industry. I really respect him not only for his work but also because of his experiences. How he came to Bombay and struggled for years but still kept the patience and worked hard. He is an inspiration to me. Despite being a big star now, he is still really grounded”.

Lakshay is working hard to make his name in the industry and takes pride in his work. He is the star in making, representing the country across the globe.