India’s Defence Expenditure

The details of Budget Estimates (BE) and Actual Expenditure, under Revenue and Capital Head of Defence Budget [including MoD (Misc/ Civil) and Defence Pensions] for the last three years, are as under:-

(Rs. in crore)

Year BE Actual Expenditure
Revenue Capital Total Revenue Capital Total
2016-17 2,50,712.35 90,209.63 3,40,921.98 2,60,167.33 91,482.77 3,51,650.10
2017-18 2,68,274.42 91,579.70 3,59,854.12 2,84,272.86 95,431.10 3,79,703.96
2018-19 3,04,800.85 99,563.86 4,04,364.71 3,05,141.96 99,511.00 4,04,652.96


It may be observed from the above table that there is full utilisation of funds under Revenue and Capital Heads.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naikin a written reply to ShriDerek O’brienin Rajya Sabha today.